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Mar 12, 2011 02:09 PM

Tatu- Baltimore / Power Plant Live

Any reports or am I going to have to take one for the team tonight?

Judging solely by their website, I fear the worst:
*Tatu is an explosive celebration of Asian culture [oh geez, the word "explosive" does not bode well does it?]

*Taking three of the most popular styles of cooking from the orient and bringing them together on a stage set with the performance energy of a rock concert. [good grief, this isn't getting any better. I envision loud rock music, soggy tempura, and fire and knives being juggled overhead]

*The menu is separated into three distinct categories: Chinois Pan Asian, the artful combination of Asian ingredients with French style and technique; Hunan and Szechwan Chinese, featuring traditional Chinese comfort food favorites; and Japanese Sushi and Tempura. [gaaah... this is what is known as "Con-fusion"]

Tatu also features a private Zen sake lounge and tatami room. [really - Zen and sake together? Fierce.]

Power Plant Live
, Baltimore, MD 21201

614 Water Street, Baltimore, MD 21202

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    1. re: Steve

      yes. Bring ear plugs, and a pocketful of patience...and a fully-loaded credit card. Don't expect Szechwan peppercorns even if they are listed as an ingredient. Accept with good grace the numerous apologies from staff and management for screwed up orders. Don't forget to feed the 24-hour meter. Avoid the "yellowtail" sushi/nigiri. There were no knives being tossed around, but the young at the bar were entertaining enough as it was.

      The bathrooms had nice incense burning. Nothing exploded. The mushroom dumplings were good.

    2. Great post! And i hope never to eat there

      1. I was very surprised to read Baltimore Mag's glowing review of Tatu and now want to hear Chowhounders' feedback..... Anyone brave enough to try it in light of how it's portrayed on the website (Crackers-- I love your post!!!!)???

        614 Water Street, Baltimore, MD 21202