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Mar 12, 2011 01:50 PM

Ideas for Sunday brunch in Reston/Herndon?

What is your favorite Sunday brunch restaurant in Reston/Herndon?

I'm looking for a good sit-down spot that doesn't have to be fancy or all-you-can eat but also isn't a paper plate, grab-and-go type place. Price isn't a huge concern as long as it's not outrageous and chain restaurants are ok, as long as the food holds up. I love any Clyde's, for example, and was considering just booking there, but thought I'd see what other gems are out there that I'm not aware of.

In case it helps, I live in Tysons Corner and am eating with friends from Herndon so we thought we'd meet in the middle....but if the food is good enough, we'd be happy to adjust! :-)

Thanks! - A

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  1. We just got home from meeting friends for brunch at Mon Ami Gabi and we would not recommend this place. We'd been there once before (last year) and weren't thrilled, but our friends like it so we decided to give it another chance. Tough English muffins underneath an unpleasant Hollandaise sauce; dried out fried slivers of potatoes (French Fries?), the steak that went with the fries really had little flavor. We won't be returning. Wish we'd gone to Clydes!

    1. The Clyde's in Ashburn has the Reston outpost beat. Chefs are imaginative and accommodating. The surroundings are beautiful too. (historic buildings) Definitely worth the ride!

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        I second Clyde's Town Center but you might also consider Il Fornaio if patio seating is available. Nice spot on a warm(er) morning, food is very good (they have a brunch menu) and its less hectic than Clyde's. The suggestion about Clyde's Willow Creek is terrific - lovely setting, food and service is better than RTC, at least in my experience - but its farther afield. Community Canteen is basic take away food - nothing special. Order from the counter and then find a seat.

      2. Reston Clyde's has bad service, imo. Though I haven't been (not much of a brunch person myself), I have heard good things about Community Canteen, which is next to Mon Ami Gabi.

        When the weather is warm Cafe Montmartre at Lake Anne is nice. I don't think they do a "true brunch", but we've gone well before noon for a nice champagne meal.

        Mon Ami Gabi
        7239 Woodmont Avenue, Bethesda, MD 20814

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          I love Cafe Montmarte! Very good food (wonderful French onion soup, delicious steak & frites, yummy house dressing on salad greens). The interior is not fancy but I love the setting - great place to stroll around after a meal (wonderful used book store and then of course there's the beautiful Lake Anne :)

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            Yes, the bookstore is great. Off the menu I love the escargots, and they also do a fine classic martini. I'll have to try the FO soup.