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Mar 12, 2011 12:58 PM

Corned beef in the crockpot?

I'd love to make a corned beef for St. Paddy's Day dinner but I don't get home from work till almost 6pm and have a hungry 8-yo son who is STARVING TO DEATH, so fast is key. Has anyone successfully made one in the crockpot? Any tips?

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  1. While I had sons at home, that's almost always how I did mine--in the crockpot. You just buy a package at the store...(finding a leaner one without having a humongous layer of fat was always a challenge, though, I think I bought the point cut)...I think I rinsed it...put in cooker with about 2 cups water and seasoning packet....cook on LOW starting at 5 or 6 you are done. BUT, you also need to add some cabbage & carrots to it (my opinion)...I did that after I got home, just pulled out the meat, cut up the cabbage & carrots and cooked them on HIGH in the meat liquid. Your little boy might not be able to wait that long, I realize. The meat comes out so very very tender, it's great.

    ALSO: here's a link to the Crockpot Lady's corned beef recipe...she uses veggies in with her meat the entire you could probably do that also...they seemed a little overcooked to me that way and we like mashed potatoes with our corned beef, so what the heck, do it how YOU might like it:

    1. Yes, I've done it in the crockpot several times, to tender results. With corned beef and cabbage we like our vegetables mushy...tradition!

      1. I do mine in the crock pot. I put the seasoning packet in and just cover the beef with water. I put it on high for the first hour and then turn it down to low until I getbhome (8 - 10 hours). I usuallybdonthe veggies the day before and then reheat in the corned beef water once I pull the beef out of the crock pot.

        1. I also do mine in the crockpot. I put the peeled and quartered potatoes in with the meat on low in the morning and pull out the corned beef and potatoes when I get home and toss in a head of cabbage in quarters or eights depending on the size. This gives you enough time to change clothes and set the table and then slice the corned beef. I don't prefer mashed potatoes, so I usually just mash with my fork, add salt and pepper to taste and some butter. This is almost fool proof and a great weeknight dinner.

          1. I've always done mine in my dutch oven on the stove, but I'm trying the crockpot this year. I hope I eat before nine. (I have a crockpot that actually uses different temperatures for high and low, according to America's Test Kitchen. Many do not.)

            Note: On the stove, I bring it to a boil and then skim off a lot of scum before turning it down to a simmer. I put in the spice packet after I skim, because the spices were always caught in the scum and went to the garbage.

            In the crockpot, after two hours, it is not yet simmering, and the scum was much thiinner. I skimmed and dumped the spices in. I'll see what I have when it simmers.

            I'll be doing the cabbage and red potatoes in the microwave.