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Mar 12, 2011 12:46 PM

Fleetwood update 2011

Our new supermarket Key Food will be history very soon.

The Windmill is also gone but will not be missed. Ditto the Meateria. Nice guy, but everything looked so gray and dingy in there. (It means now I go to Fairway for my Thanksgiving Turkey I guess).

Key Food on the other hand was great. So much better than that awful A&P which was always packed to the rafters. Sure the location is bad, but is it SOOOO hard to park in a garage rather than an outdoor parking lot. I mean it's FREE FOR CHRISSAKES!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!.

Oh the humanity!

On the other hand, the Harvest Field market gets better and better. But they do not have enough cashiers so the line will get awfully long now that they are the only game in town for meats and such. I guess I will become a regular Super Stop N Shop Customer again.

At least we now have Molly Spillane's to look forward to. It's gotta be better than the Windmill.

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    1. re: chloe4ever

      Not yet but there's not much left on the shelves. If there's a clearance sale I'm gonna buy a bunch of the canned and bottled Portuguese and Jamaican goodies.

    2. I thought Harvest Field was getting worse. He has raised prices on lettuce and it is not as nice as it was. Although tg he finally has milk even if only organic. I was told CVS made him agree not to sell it.

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      1. re: rolise

        I was it "owned" by CVS or is it some sort of Franchise? The reason I ask is I cannot imagine a CVS selling Fava Beans from Beiruit or something. The woman on the register does not look like your typical CVS emplioyee either. She may be Turkish or something....and she is always nice.

        1. re: jcmods

          His lease is with CVS as they own the building.

      2. I will also miss the specialty items at Key Food. I really liked the bread and cheeses and was just starting to try the various sausages. Harvest Field is fine for produceand Middle Eastern items, but they really have to hire a few more cashiers.

        1. Key Food has officially closed. The sign says "Temporarily", but that is what it said at the Windmill before the "For Rent" sign went in.

          Maybe they should lower that rent....A LOT if they don't want it empty 9 months out of the year. Greed heads all. CVS really wrecked it for us ever getting a supermarket I think.