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Mar 12, 2011 11:13 AM

Five Guys

Delicious. Lived up to it's reputation.

Five Guys Burgers & Fries
7600 Weston Rd, Vaughan, ON L4L 8B7, CA

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  1. Someone said there's one opening near my house in Brampton in the Bovaird & McLaughlin area, but I have yet to see it. Does anyone know if this is true?

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    1. re: duckdown

      I didnt see it listed on the website. It does list the new Scarborough location as well as the Mississauga and Woodbridge locations, so im not sure if that Brampton location is coming or not, but its not mentioned...

      1. re: jmarcroyal

        I didn't think it was either, thats why I was very suspicious when someone told me that.. Thanks for the info!

    2. Fantastic

      Five Guys Burgers & Fries
      7600 Weston Rd, Vaughan, ON L4L 8B7, CA

      1. Good working man's grub which you would think that anyone can do, even at home. The food is honest with the customer. Satisfying for what it is. Makes the chi-chi places look stupid. The only burger place to which I would return of the ones that I have tried.

        Now the prices. Basic Burger (fried), all toppings included, $6.49 for less than $1 worth of ingredients; fries $3.49 or $4.59, good, even though tasteless russets are used . Beware if you have a peanut allergy because they are fried in peanut oil. Don't know how to factor in the cost of peanut oil but I sure do know the cost of potatoes; fountain drinks, $1.99 or 2.49, free repeats, cost about 30cents including cup.

        Plus tax.

        A dressed up burger, small fries and a drink gets you close to 2,000 calories. Good if you want to eat only once a day . But then there are the free and very good salted peanuts in the shell. Oy weigh!

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        1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

          If you're an actual working man/woman, you might actually burn more than 2,000 calories a day as opposed to what a pencil pusher might burn.

          1. re: GoodGravy

            Blue Collar food at white collar prices. The food isnt bad, its definetely good, I think it should cost atleast a few bucks cheaper. They should introduce combo's where you get a reg Burger and reg Fries with a free drink, that would help a bit. I Also think they should have a Small order of fries, Id like to pay half as much for half as much fries, just give me a cup of fries for $2.

            Basically, What Id like is a Small Burger, Small Fries and a Pop for between $8.99 and $9.99, the former would be better and would keep the meal under $10 tax in. McDonalds sells any size drink for $1, so paying $2 is a bit steep considering its the same product, even if there are refills.

            1. re: jmarcroyal

              "Basically, What Id like" is to pay Licks prices for Five Guys quality. Come on. Be realistic. Try going to the Mercedes dealer and ask them to give you a 50% discount because the Kia dealer across the street will give you that price....

              This is going off-topic but they don't do combos anywhere else in the chain and have been successful with their current pricing scheme (everything a la carte) so you can't expect them do introduce them just for this market.

              They (and any business) will charge based on what the market will bear and what will earn them a profit. Deviate from either of these and they won't be in business for long. If their higher prices don't work in Canada then they'll either lower them or leave town. I don't want them to leave so, if you enjoy their product, support foreign investment and superior quality and pay their prices. OTOH, if you don't agree with 5G's prices and are willing to eat crap, you can go to Jetsuns or Licks and keep them (undeservedly) in business. Quality doesn't come cheap. Just like Mercedes vs Kia above.

              1. re: TexSquared

                5-guys isnt no Mercedes, lets not give it too much credit. If anything, Burger Priest is the Mercedes, which is why you pretty much pay premium prices. Sure 5G might look like a Mercedes next to garbage like Jetsuns, Licks, or other Burger Chains, but thats because those ones pretty much suck.

                Just walk into a 5 Guys, they have big signs with quotes from people/reviews that say they are the best burger. One of the signs says "Best $5 Burger in America". Ok, well, that may be true, and im not sure if thats for a Regular or Little, but for $5, hell yeah id be all over it. They should take those signs down because although it sounds good, in reality we pay minimum $6.49 for a non cheese/bacon burger. I get that quality isnt cheap, but quality-wise, its a level or 2 below Burger Priest and they charge the same basically.

                All im saying is they should realize they are just a burger chain in the States, they shouldnt try and be a premium Burger chain here. At most they should cost around 25% more then the other burger chains but I think they are a bit silly with their spending. I know the place gets busy but they dont need like 20 people working at any given time, I mean, its great that they are hiring people but that cost goes to the customer and I think they can be as efficient with less workers imho.

                1. re: jmarcroyal

                  Honestly, I don't think Five Guys is all that much more expensive than a comparable burger at any of the chains. If you get a little burger (which is still fairly substantial), regular fries (which is easily enough to feed two) and a regular drink, you'll be paying $10.50. How much is the Angus Third Pounder combo at McDonald's? Or a Steakhouse burger combo at Burger King? Eight bucks or so, right? So that's an extra $2.50 for a vastly, vastly superior burger. I'll happily pay that.

                  1. re: Michael N

                    Thank you for setting the record straight. You can't compare Five Guys with the Big Mac or the Whopper or that pre-frozen meatloaf Licks puts out as an excuse for a burger.

                    And I'd rather go to Five Guys, conveniently located in Scarborough with ample parking and easy road access, open seven days a week and with a reputation for great service (American companies seem to have figured out "service"), while Burger's Priest is inconveniently located downtown with no parking of its own (if I owned that KFC I'd be tagging and towing BP customers' cars), closed Sundays, and has a reputation for slow, surly service (despite being run by an American, go figure).

                    1. re: TexSquared

                      dude, you just gotta try BP for once, you've only heard a few bad things, which are greatly outnumbered by positive experiences(and the slow waits/service issues were extremely rare). That supposedly surly service reputation was from maybe 2 people saying that had an issue at one time. If you go ask 100 people that go to any restaurant. you will get a few that have issues with something, thats the way it is, BP is probably better then the average restaurant in this regard.

                      I think you are just finding excuses or reasons to not make your way down to that location. Yes its on Queen, but if you go after rush hour its not that busy around there and you will be able to find parking. The funny thing is, from everything Ive heard you say aboue Burgers, the BP burger would probably be exactly what you want.

                      I think you just know you will like it so much you will be instantly addicted. Its not really that hard to get to, just be glad its not in etobicoke or downtown, and honestly, the service is always great, fast and the food is awesome. Just bite your tongue and make the trip, thank me later!(Hell im tempted to deliver it to ya!)

                  2. re: jmarcroyal

                    None of that matters as long as people are willing to pay their prices as posted, which was my original point. You might think 5G is a ripoff but enough people don't so they stay in business, just like some might think Mercedes is a ripoff. 5G is still in business, and I don't think Mercedes needed a bailout.

                    Again, if you think they are a ripoff nobody is forcing you to eat their burgers for lunch, just like nobody can force you to buy a Mercedes to drive to/from work.

                    Burger's Priest's prices are comparable to 5G:
                    Actually 5G might be cheaper because BP charges extra for toppings while 5G does not.

                    The "Mercedes" burger would have to be m:brgr which went out of business recently. THAT was a ripoff ($50 for a burger??) and the market told them loud and clear.

                    1. re: TexSquared

                      I don't think Five Guys tries to be gourmet...where they differentiate from the other chains is the fact they use fresh meat, toppings and potatoes. There are no freezers, beepers or funny cooking contraptions...just simple burgers and fries as they were in the 50s during the dawning days of McDonalds.
                      In terms of value, I personally don't think they are that bad...I am not sure what fast food restaurants are promising sub $10.00 meals anymore...There may be a premium of a buck or two, but as long as they continue the good service and food quality there is no reason to engage in a price war....

                      1. re: kingsway

                        "as long as they continue the good service and food quality there is no reason to engage in a price war...."

                        I pointed this out in another thread. If you put out a better product and/or have a fiercely loyal customer base, you can keep your prices high while your competition battles amongst themselves on price and continues to fail to poach your customers away. Mandarin and Tim Horton's are two examples that have this kind of power over the likes of Imperial and Country Style, and I hope Five Guys earns that eventually. Let Licks, Jetsuns, and the other local poseurs battle on price and finish themselves off faster.

                        1. re: TexSquared

                          OK, I finally have to ask -- what is it with you and the term "poseurs"? I have a really hard time understanding how the places you keep slamming could be considered poseurs. Licks and Jetsuns and Johnny's and all those places have been around for decades. I'm not saying these places serve good food, but I just don't understand how places that have been around for years before Five Guys and Burger's Priest ever showed up can somehow be thought of as trying to imitate them?

                          1. re: TorontoJo

                            I agree. I too have a hard time understand Tex's hate for any currently established chain, but his love for any chain which is not here. A grass-is-greener-on-the-other-side?
                            Not to mention his constant statement of a "convenient" location and how he would only patronize establishments that are convenient and 5 Guys is one of them and should therefore survive all the others. Just because a place is near you, doesn't make it convenient by definition. To me living in Brampton, 5 Guys in Scarborough is useless, and BP downtown is in the worse location ever. "Convinient" is obviously an incredibly subjective statement.

                            1. re: Midknight

                              I agree with you. "Convenient" is subjective and I admit to using the term referring to my own situation. When we discuss BBQ I will recommend Buster Rhino's in Whitby, and for pizza I'll recommend Pizza Pino in Ajax, each of which I can get to in 15 minutes, but I understand someone in Brampton would not be too keen on driving an hour or more to get to them. In the same way I'm sure you have great BBQ or pizza in Brampton but I personally would not spend the time and fuel to make a special trip. I'll favour the places convenient to me. I would think this is common sense.

                              s others have posted, I dislike the fact that expansion of certain restaurants (specifically Moe's and Chipotle) have all but ignored the east GTA; they stay downtown, or uptown, or maybe Mississauga, but that's it. East GTA is Timmie-land. And we all know what I think of Timmies.

                              Five Guys is one of the few that has decided to take a chance on us and open out here. They should be praised for this and I will support them so that they will hopefully expand further east into my neck of the woods (Durham Region). And hopefully their brave move to the "wilderness" will encourage others to follow suit.

                              Buster Rhino's
                              2001 Thickson Rd S, Whitby, ON L1N, CA

                              Pizza Pino
                              855 Westney Rd S, Ajax, ON L1S3M4, CA

                      2. re: TexSquared

                        And you are right, if its expensive and it sells, theres no reason for them to lower their prices. I just think it would be nice if they offered ways to lower the prices like a Small order of fries, and maybe a Combo that lets you save like 15% of what the seperate items would be. Thats nothing but wishes though, I know they wont change their ways...

                        And BP doesnt charge for toppings, other then the sauteed onions, but otherwise Bacon and Cheese cost extra just like 5G, and the standard toppings are free. They also have The Option and Smoke as toppings, which 5G doesnt, mind you they cost a bit extra(Smoke(deep friedpanko breaded jalapeno) is great for $1)

            2. The original comment has been removed