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Jan 7, 2006 10:30 AM

Mandarin Noodle House vs. Heavy Noodling in Monterey Park?

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Have any of you been to either of these noodle restaurants? Which do you prefer?

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  1. Mandarin NOodle house is the monterey park branch of the mandarin delis in Chinatown and Northridge. Decent beef noodles in soup, cold sesame noodles, boiled dumplings with pork or fish and standard cold dishes (seaweed salad, shredded pressed tofu, five-spice beef, cucumbers,etc.) The noodles are familiar pulled or pasta-cut, like an italian spaghetti noodle (or a narraw bucatino noodle).

    Heavy noodling specializes in a different kind of noodle. Daoxiao noodles, knife-cut. The dough is formed into a kind of cone, and the noodles are shaved off with a knife into boiling water. Different texture. Sauces are different as well. I like the cat's ear noodles (think chinese orecchiete) - mao erduo - don't remember the exact term on their menu sorry.

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      Sounds so good. Where are these placess?

      1. re: angie

        701 W GARVEY AVE

        153 E GARVEY AVE

    2. Heavy Noodling, by a landslide.

      1. I think it comes down to a matter of taste, not quality. I've been to both places several times, and ultimately have preferred Mandarin Noodle House -- the food is consistently good there, the noodles are very tasty and their other dishes are excellent as well. Heavy Noodling is also good, but I've had some bowls better than others, and one time, there was a large piece of plastic (with the metal tab still on it) floating in my bowl. It took them 10 minutes to bring me a new bowl, that was quite devoid of meat.

        1. Texture of the fresh noodles is very good in both places, but I think the broths are more interesting at Mandarin Noodle House.

          1. As noted, completely different restaurants servicing completely different cravings. A Monterey Park deprived of either Heavy Noodling's thinck, handcut noodles with ``mu shu'' or Mandarin Noodle's astonishing pan-fried dumplings would be a much poorer place.

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              And now...MP is a much poorer place (no more Heavy Noodling).


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                Noooooooooo!!! I missed the linked post. I have loved Heavy Noodling's Beef and Beef Tendon Noodle Soup (the waitress always brought me a little dish of paper thin red and green jalapeno slices), Spicy Dumplings and Cat's Ear Noodles among other items. The best Chili Oil. Where can I get Xanxi Knife Cut Noodles now? I think that the answer, at least for Southern California, is nowhere. JEROME - HELP!