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Mar 12, 2011 10:49 AM

Where would you take a 10 year for birthday dinner in Paris

I am taking my daughter to Paris for two weeks to visit friends and to let her start to know the city.
We will celebrate her tenth birthday while we are there. Would love to take her some place very special and very beautiful.

What do you think?

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  1. I suspect other CHers will have much better ideas, but here's mine: go to la Coupole and tell the hostess or waiter that it's your daughter's birthday. Then when dessert comes, the lights will flash & the staff will march in singing "bon anniversaire" . The restaurant might not qualify as "very special and very beautiful" (although I happen to like the Art Déco room), but the experience might turn out to be quite memorable for a 10 yr old.

    1. Take her to the Jules Verne in the Eiffel Tower. It's never too early to start her gourmet training. I'm joking, of course. Happy Birthday, to a very lucky young lady. I spent my tenth birthday in a small town in Virginia. Best!

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      1. re: dave11743

        She is a foodie in training. I was actually thinking of Jules Verne. It's the only way I am going up that tower !! Just seemed really special.

        1. re: mendogurl

          The question is, is the food good enough for a foodie in training? Those first experiences need to be excellent, very pure, and I doubt a Ducasse outlet can deliver in that regard. Otherwise, obviously, there's some appeal to the location.

          I would think of Grande Cascade, Le Cinq.

          1. re: souphie

            And there was my hesitation !
            This is her first trip to Paris, and I don't want the tourist joint. I want something very French.
            It can be any style, it can be a fabulous bistro, it just has to create a picture, and a memory of Paris that can last for years.

            1. re: mendogurl

              Lasserre is a good idea. My take would be the same as for the adults, eliminating the ones that not fun or require prior educatio (eg Ledoyen, Gagnaire, L'Ami Louis...) actually: Chez l'Ami Jean, Le Cinq, Café Cartouche to mention very different options that all have a wow factor.

            2. re: souphie

              I was thinking Lasserre, where the roof opens...

            3. re: mendogurl

              I took my daughter to the Jules Verne for the first time when she was about 7 and it was a wonderful and very memorable experience. Just as lovely and breathtaking when we went back 10 years later. If you go, be sure to ask for a table near a window and let them know that it's a special occasion. Have a wonderful trip!

          2. Compare notes with ellenisk who is asking almost the same question about twenty threads down the ladder here at chow hound France.

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            1. could there be a fancy "salon de thé" that can be as fantastic and nice for your daughter ?

              1. I would opt for lunch at Le Grand Vefour (88 Euros). Lots of history and great beauty. Perpetually on the Chowhound you-know-what list because so many of us remember when the kitchen was better. For your purposes, so what if it is "only" a two star?

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                1. re: Oakglen

                  "Perpetually on the Chowhound you-know-what list because so many of us remember when the kitchen was better. "
                  Describing me to a tee.
                  A beautiful, goofy and useful follow-up is to offer the child the wonderfully illustrated cookbook for kids by the late Raymond Oliver "La cuisine est un jeu d'enfants". Don't laugh. It was my first cookbook, when I was no longer enfant...

                  1. re: Parigi

                    The book is by the son, Michel Oliver.

                    funny, I just finished his (Michel Oliver) book "Le rire du chat qui pisse sur la braise".

                  2. re: Oakglen

                    Someone has to be an Ancient Mariner like me to remember when the kitchen at Le Grand Vefour was "better". Maybe when Raymond Oliver was still actively cooking in the 60's and early 70's. Even after the Taittiger Champagne Group bought the restaurant spent tons of Franc to revive it, I don't think the kitchen has ever returned to past glory, even when it was a 3star a couple years ago.
                    Still, it is one of my favorite place for a splurge lunch in central Paris. The food is not the best but the overall generosity, beautiful decor, sense of history, wonderful staff, and the view of the garden of the Palais Royal make it really special.
                    I don't know what a 10 year old girl would think the decor but she will definitely make to feel like a queen by the generous staff. Sitting on the red velvet banquette and being offer chocolates from a big beautiful box will do it. If you do decide on lunch, make sure to reserve one of the four banquettes with windows looking out the garden of the Palais Royal.