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Mar 12, 2011 09:32 AM


New burger place that recently opened on Metcalfe, next to Dominion Tavern

As the name says, it's a fancy burger place, with the main feature being the ordering system, each table is fitted with a giant touch screen, on which you find the menu and order from the screen by pressing the various button.

Interesting feature, it reccomends wines or beer that would go well with the burger you just ordered.

I had the chicken burger, which is a patty of ground chicken, stuffed with a piece of brie cheese in it, served on a ciabatta type bread.

It was really good, and not dry, my colleagues went for the lamb burger or the regular angus burger, everybody liked their burger, only one noticing that his burger might have been slightly overcooked.

Of course, you'll also find the kobe beef burger with foie gras like any upscale/fancy burger joint offers

Service is quick and efficient, we got the beverages about 3 mins after ordering them on the screen, burgers took about 15min to get.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. computer ordering is so gimmicky
      i dread hearing about how cool this place is from my family

        1. $18.00 for a friggin sausage sandwich....??????? I pity the poor souls who dish out that sort of coin just so they can order off a puter.... which people can do from home and then they bring your food to your house so you don't have to go into the miserable downtown core.

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          1. re: chickenbruiser

            miserable downtown? as opposed to where? vaudreuil?

          2. Ordering system is way beyond gimmicky. Everything is overpriced obviously to pay off for the high tech tables and Windex. My "AAA Angus beef" was overcooked and felt like eating a sponge. Maybe they need some time to work out the kinks considering they've only been around for a short time... but I'm not marking my calender for a return visit.

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            1. re: keelo

              The interface is clunky @ best - definitely PC based. (screen shot below) We're not talking a pinch and rotate like an Iphone here. Screen is temperamental, you have to tap a certain way for your command to be recognized. Would be nice if they improved it and maybe added a browser so you can browse on the table itself. Wifi would be a nother nice touch.

              Burger was less than impressive, fries were yummy, dredged in a nice coating.
              Plain Angus Burger with Fries 11.99, no condiments inside, only 2 slices of tomatoes,and a clumsy lettuce leaf, they forgot my onions, but quickly brought me a plateful when I pointed this out. Extra bacon runs $2 and from what I saw, it is maybe one slice cut rip. They charge extra for pickles (wtf?!) different cheeses (feta, brie, emmental $2-$5 each).

              Usually a hot waitress with a pretty smile will help me forget bland food, but no such luck here as it was an all-male staff. They were quick to table-side when summoned (there's a button on the screen kinda neat), but if I'm leaving the office on my lunch hour, I'd like some eye candy.

              Overall, too many better burger joints out there and with better prices ($4 for a bloody coke) - Will not repeat.

              1. re: dyslexicpimp

                So how much do you tip a computer? :-)

                1. re: dyslexicpimp

                  I got to agree I already made a review on this. My friend's burger and mine was overcooked even though I ordered medium rare. Even though it was still pink-ish in the middle the outside was just burnt. I returned it and got the same result for the second one. The drinks and plates are over-price actually EVERYTHING is. The computer even lags which leads to some mistakes, obviously such as ordering when you are not done.