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Mar 12, 2011 08:45 AM

Kitchen Aid Professional 6 mixer question

We just inherited a Professional 6 model (the one with the two flanges on the side that uses a handle to lift it into position). We have the less expensive "Legendary Stand Mixer". The first thing we noticed is that the motor of the larger machine not only is air-cooled, but there is a whine that the motor has which the other one does not. If this whine is related to the air cooling, that would make sense, but if not, then we will try to find someone to refurbish it.

We would be grateful if someone who has the Professional 6 model could chime in...

Ken K

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  1. The 6qt mixers are considerabley noisier than than smaller ones.

    1. The 6 qt mixers have different gears that give off a lot of whine. Shouldn't be a problem

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        Thanks for the input. It is very reassuring.

        Ken K

        1. re: kdkrone

          What a great thing to inherit! The first time I used mine the whining was disconcerting but now it is just part of the whole experience. It whines but works miracles!

      2. Hi, I'm a KitchenAid employee.

        The reason you hear more gear noise in the 6qt and 5 qt Next Generation Line of mixers is because the all metal gears give the unit a louder and shriller motor sound than the Classic Line units.

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          Thanks for your response. Always happy to hear that gears are metal and not plastic or composite!


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            Dear KitchenAid employee, I have a 6QT Professional 600 Stand Mixer Model# 4KP26M1XLC. This unit can't even handle what my KitchenAid 300W Stand Mixer can. I have researched on-line to see that its because the metal gears have been replaced with plastic ones and due to overheating they disengage. I have been trying to work with the Customer Experience Centre and they have advised me that there is nothing that they can do since it is out of warranty. So now it seems that there are some conflicting facts here. Can you help clear them up please as well as advise the 1000 of customers out there complaining about the same issue who have a mixer that they can't use?

          2. The original comment has been removed