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Desperately Seeking Nanaimo Bars-Seattle

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I have a crave for a Nanaimo bar but I need ONE, I can't be trusted with a whole pan of them. Has anyone seen them in Seattle lately?

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  1. Street Treats sometimes has them, but you should probably check first before driving across town to find the truck.

    1. I found them myself at Madison Park Bakery, but I thought the filling was too sweet. Not Bird's Custard like it really should be.

      1. West Seattle Thriftway usually has them. Maybe call first if it's a decent drive.

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          Sounds good. I've been going to Victoria for Nanaimo Bars.

        2. I think I've got this straight now...when I first read the headline, I thought you were looking for recommendations for great bars in the city of Nanaimo...and I was impressed that so many people had recommendations! What, pray tell, is a "nanaimo bar"?

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          1. Michou at Pike Place Market often has them. Again, I'd call ahead to be sure.

            Pike Place Market
            1501 Pike Pl, Seattle, WA 98101

            1. The British Pantry in Redmond has nanaimo bars that are actually imported from Canada. They are amazing, so good. But they do sell quickly so I would definitely give them a call before treking across the bridge.

              1. I found them this past week at the Interbay QFC (Dravus & 15th).