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Mar 12, 2011 08:11 AM

cabane, old montreal

For those who cant get out of the city for the sugar shacks the cabane has returned to old montreal but note the prices! Open Wed-Sat from 18h and Sunday from 11:30-reservations only, til april 15

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    1. re: TheSnowpea

      Certainly expensive, but it's the price for these fancy Cabane. APdC Cabane is 54$.

      1. re: sweettoothMTL

        --good point sweettooth and you have to factor in cost of gas
        heres another intown way to appease maple syrup craving -this one more on a budget:

        10-26 march; 2-9 april $25 sugar shack buffet and traditional music band (or $30 at door) from 6pm; $10 at 9pm guest DJ on heated rooftop terrace with view of Old Port

    2. I went today with my sister and here is my review of La Cabane 2011.

      We were told to be there at 11:30AM and at 12:30 they finally served us the appetizers that consisted of terrine, mousse de foie de volaille and egg mimosa. Not bad but nothing special.

      After the squash soup that contained a piece of salmon (odd combination), we were served turkey and beans around 2PM. Shortly after 2:30, we got dessert but by that time, no matter how good they were we just wanted to get out, having been seated for 3 long hours. Also, after such a wait I was not hungry anymore.

      We left at 3PM without having been served tea - I don't drink coffee at that time.

      The atmosphere is noisy and you have to accept being seated right next to strangers and sharing bread and the main meal. Unfortunately, I was sitting next to a compulsive nose blower who blew his nose every 5 minutes which was gross and impolite.

      The total amounted to 167$ for 2 persons with 3 glasses of wine, taxes and service included. I will not go back - average, expensive lunch and poor service.

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      1. re: pinalafina

        WTF is mimosa? Doesn't sound like cabane food to me

        1. re: Shattered

          Mimosa is a drink--champagne and orange juice, often the alcoholic drink choice for breakfast or brunch. So what was this egg mimosa? How was it served?

          Was the food laced with a lot of maple syrup, i.e. typical cabane fare?

          1. re: looosia

            It was not typical cabane fare and the food had hints of maple:

            The deviled eggs were sprinkled with maple sugar
            Pots de creme au chocolat, maple cream and sel Maldon
            Small financier maple cake (my favorite)
            Maple ice cream sandwich
            Very small bottle of maple syrup to share with neighbors

            I would prefer excellent traditional cabane food but that seems hard to find in Montreal.

          2. re: Shattered

            Œufs mimosa is French for devilled eggs.

            1. re: SnackHappy

              OK, makes total sense now that it's identified as "oeufs mimosa". Thanks!