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Jan 7, 2006 02:22 AM

Authentic British Pub Food in Orange County?

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Looking for those lovely roasted potatoes, a good shepherds pie, fish & chips or roast beef..

I know there must be a place for good pub fare somewhere and there has to be an ex-pat who knows where it is..

the only places the turn up on are The Old Ship in Santa Ana/Fullerton and I found an irish pub called muldoons that's has some good reviews on their fish & chips..

Any help is greatly appreciated. :)

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  1. As an ex-pat, I can vouch for the grub at The Olde Ship. The Fullerton location is more authentic than Santa Ana, but both have the same menu - fish and chips, steak and kidney pie, bangers & mash, etc.

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      Santa Ana lacks the crowds/wait that Fullerton location has. Live music on the weekends as well.

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        Ye Olde Ship is very good. It has been a while since I have been (used to live within walking distance). You do have to go early to avoid having to wait.

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          Yeah, Ye Olde Ship is my rec. Have only been to the one in Fullerton but food was good and the ambiance was spot on. And really, it is the only menu with authentic british food that i'm aware of in the county. I've had the bangers & mash and the fish & chips and have found it a pleasant place to knock back a couple of good pints. The bangers and mash at Muldoons are great [as is the shepards pie and the soda bread], but the place is irish [not strictly british] in motif and lacks the old dank brit pub feel. If you are ever down in Santa Monica the king's head is good also.


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            I see this is a really old post, but I can vouch for the Olde Ship in Santa Ana, as someone who until recently lived in the UK and whose husband is British. It's British-owned and pretty authentic, with tasty nosh. I also love the fact that you can get Babycham by the pint. ;-) MrFoodieKat and I go in there several times a month.

            I have also found a British-owned sandwich shop in San Juan Capistrano called Sim's Sandwiches. They have quaintly titled menu items such as the Elton John and the Italian Job, but the ingredients are fresh and the offerings are authentic. They also sell Crunchie bars, which are not always easy to find (without driving long distances anyway).

          2. I've been to Muldoon's a couple of times and wasn't crazy about it.

            1. Been to Durty Nelly's in Costa Mesa, in an office park on Redhill close to Bristol. Had a pint of thick Guiness and a plate of bangers and mash. I don't quite remember if I liked it or not, since it waas so long ago.


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                Ye Olde Ship in Santa Ana has a drab exterior and parking area, but its rich, black lacquer-painted interior and large ship models accent a lively bar area and is quite a discovery. A few blocks from Santa Ana College. The pub fare is pint-perfect; pint after pint! It's a good spot on overcast,, drizzly afternoons/evenings, when it' can feel warm like a glove. Has a loyal clientele. It can be quite boistrous on Friday eves when live music! has everyone swingin'. One of my favorites. Rule Brittania, rule!

              2. I've been to both of The Olde Ships. Fullerton has the cozier, neighbourhood feel and on weekends, there's a line to get in (b/c it's such a small place). Most everything is good on their menu. Parking is in the back down the small alleyway. I think everyone who works there is somewhere from the UK. I adore this place...I guess I'd adore anyplace w/i walking distance from home that serves up good food & atmosphere. Oh, and their sticky toffee pudding served w/pouring cream is a must!

                1. I can also vouch for Olde Ship in Santa Ana. Excellent grub.