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Mar 12, 2011 07:59 AM

Kaiku - Barcelona

After reading many, many chow posts, I think I have settled on Kaiku for arrival Sunday lunch. Is there outdoor seating? Recommended to sit outside? We will be there mid-April.

Also - I am so excited that I have reservations for Tickets! Anyone been to 41 degrees apres-Tickets?

We are also trying to narrow down one "nice" dinner. We are considering Hisop, Gelonch and Cinc Sentits. Looking for a great experience not too $$$$. We will be heading to San Sebastian after Barca and are looking forward to broadening our dining experiences. From all the posts I still don't really have a "feeling" for those 3 places. (we would also be open to other suggestions)


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  1. I've had superb meals and both Hisop and Cinc Sentis. Both are intimate spaces with few tables and with fairly similar, clean and rather stark, contemporary decor. They both offer warm and welcoming, professional service, with CS being a bit more formal.

    I don't know what you mean by not too $$$$, since we all have different guidelines for price, but I posted prices in my recent report on dining in the city., which also includes an account of dinner at Tickets. Cinc Sentits has a 49-euro menu, and Hisop has a 48-euro menu, as well as other options.

    I thought that both restaurants offered outstanding price/value.

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      Thank you Erica. I read all of your trip reports with enthusiasm - they are great! "Warm and welcoming, professional service" is what we are looking for. 50-euro/pp menu is right in our sweet spot.

    2. "Barca" is the nickname for the football club. "BarNa" is the abbreviated name for the city of Barcelona.

      We had a very nice lunch at Kaiku last June. Back in those days, they took online reservations through As their popularity and fame increase, this small restaurant has cancelled the online booking service; you'll have to call for lunch. Sunday is VERY busy since it's family lunch day. If you don't call for a reservation, a local friend has suggested that you go on a weekday.

      If it's warm enough, sitting outside is very pleasant. You'll have to request the outdoor section when you reserve.

      A picture of the arroz de chef:

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        Thank you, Aleta. I will try to remember to type "BarNa!"

        The photo of arroz de chef looks amazing. We will definitely call for reservations for Sunday lunch and see if we can sit outside.

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          Actually the arroz de chef looks a bit like sludge but it tasted very good. Salads, uni + seaweed fritters, other seasonal seafood items, and a very light lemon tart.