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Mar 12, 2011 07:35 AM

Calf Brains

Does anyone know where one can order calves' brains for home cooking?

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  1. Not in this day of Mad Cow disease. Your best bet is to contact a local farm that raises beef and veal calfves, and inquire there.

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      I tried to get thymus sweetbreads from a local Berkshire pasture meat farmer, (they supply Blue Farms) and he told me that the processor will not allow the sale of any neck or head meats or organs.

    2. They shouldn't be too hard to find...I see them all the time in both Stop & Shop and ShopRite chain grocery stores. And if your local store doesn't carry them, the butcher can probably order some for you.

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        they are usually next to the cow brains,the brain section at my local stop and shop is pretty well stocked.they never have those monkey brains that im looking for though....

        1. re: im hungry

          Interestingly enough, try a Google on Calve's Brains and you'll come up empty on a local or mail order source. Do the same for monkey Brains, however, and no problem.

          Good luck though, finding them local, with a good hand cut french fry.

      2. Best bet is to check a etnic or halal market. Somewhere that they get half/whole animals.


          They are $7 per half pound on their website. I have not bought from them, as I get mine in a butcher shop in Montreal and bring them back. When doing your web search you should also try calf brains

          1. If there are any Hispanic Groceery/butcher stores in your area they might have more offal than the average "White Bread" supermarket.

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              Right. I live in a very ethnically diverse area of Central NJ and maybe that's why the chain supermarkets around here (even ones like A&P) all carry a selection of offal that you'd expect to see in ethnic markets and butchershops. The only offal I've never seen for sale is lungs. Apparently those are actually illegal to sell (whereas brains and sweetbreads are definitely not).