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Mar 12, 2011 07:09 AM

Chairman's Grill Sheraton Edison has anyone gone

Chairman's Grill Sheraton Edison has anyone gone? Any opinions?

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  1. I would definitely skip this restaurant for a number of reasons. First, the service is horrible. There is absolutely no communication within the staff, and no one seems Luke they even want to worm there. They gave my waitress a 15-top right after I placed my meal and she then delegated my table to someone else. Which is fine, except they gave my 16oz ribeye to the wrong table an didn't realize it until after that diner took a bite of the food...this diner ordered chicken...and she received steak. So, clearly no one even looked at the check.

    Then they proceeded to pawn off a NY Strip steak on me as rib eye...which was a $10 price difference (and I also know my cuts of meat.)

    The food overall is okay, but very bland. I've ate here over 6 times because of business, but the whole steak mixup/swap was the final straw. Terrible service. Bland food. Crappy attitudes. Skip it.