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Mar 12, 2011 06:09 AM

Top 3 Paris Open Air Markets

My favorite thing to do in a new city is find the best market. We'll be in Paris at the end of June and I want to shop with the natives. The last discussion board on this topic was in 2008 and quite unhelpful. Please help me and help update the chowhound boards. Merci!

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  1. I'm a fan of the market in the 16th arron. at President Wilson Blvd. on Wed. and Sat., especially for Joel Thiebault vegetables, which, to me, are the best among the markets. I also like the market in the 7th arron. at Saxe Breteuil.

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    1. re: Nancy S.

      Place d'anvers
      Richard Lenoir
      You can look up their days and hours on line.

      This is a hypnotically recurrent question. I am surprised that you say the last discussion was 2008. Just this year alone I have answered this question so often it is absolutely Groundhog Day.
      Help Chowhound update? Either Chowhoudn should start an FAQ and/or fellow hounds should do better research
      There are others but you know, put your lil hand in maaaaaahn

    2. Marché Cours de Vincennes between boulevard Picpus and rue Arnold Netter, 12th Arr. Nation Metro stop, Porte de Vincennes. Wednesdays and Saturdays 8am-2:30pm.

      Rotisserie place with the potato balls cooking in duck fat is awesome. Woman making crêpes there is well worth checking too. Get there early as it's a popular one and gets very crowded.

      1. To me the top three is definitely Richard Lenoir, Raspail on sundays (organic) and my local Blanqui. Saxe also a runner-up. And Vincennes. And for the permanent ones, Poncelet/Bayen is probably the best. Well, along with Aligre. That's three, right?

        Call me if you to shop with the natives. They say I'm one of them.

        1. As you can see everyone's faves are different, mine are
          Richard Lenoir-Sunday better than Thurs
          Place d'Aligre-Most varied vegetables l have seen in Paris
          Rue Blanqui

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            My favorites are Cours de Vincennes, Saxe-Breteuil and some markets in the suburbs, particularly East (Champigny, Le Perreux, Charenton). Aligre too.

            1. re: Ptipois

              "I want to shop with the natives" that would be Monoprix, Franprix, ED, Carrefour, Lidl....

                1. re: Parigi

                  I'm being flippant, but I'd say most "natives" do not shop at open air markets.

                  1. re: vielleanglaise

                    Or, from another angle, whenever I shop Monoprix, Franprix, et al, I am the odd man out. I would guess that close to 100% of the other shoppers are Parisians.

                    1. re: mangeur

                      Try heading out the banlieue and hitting up an Auchan. Definitely odd man out there!

                    1. re: Ptipois

                      Picard, le ventre, froid, de Paris...

                      1. re: Ptipois

                        I've always wanted to try it but I don't have a freezer. Perhaps this week.

                        Back on topic, my vote is for Richard Lenoir.

                2. Everyone seems to love Richard Lenoir, but you have to be careful there as there are some heavy scales being employed by a few of the vendors. The problems are mostly with a few of the vendors on the Opera side of the street.