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Mar 12, 2011 05:12 AM

Best places to eat in and around Brookfield, WI?

I'm visiting my parents and we're in an area that's new to us. Looking for a nice yet not too pricey place for dinner. We enjoy all types of cuisine. Thanks for any suggestions!!

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  1. Check out ParkSide 23. Heavy focus on local products, some creative ideas. Nice beer selection as well as a nicely stocked bar that also features local product. The menu is sectioned by price, not course. FYI, Brookfield is overrun with chain restaurants, so it's sort of slim pickin's.

    1. On Bluemound Road, there's a pretty good California style bistro type place with food that leans towards Italian. It's called Louise's, up the hill on the south side of Bluemound, hard to spot but it's directly opposite the Acura dealer which is on the north side of Bluemound. It's much closer to the Bluemound Road exit than the Moorland exit. I've been there several times and it's always been very good.

      There are indeed various chain restaurants, which range from excellent to mediocre. Just north of the Moorland Road exit from I-94 (right before you get to Bluemound Road, no more than half a mile from the exit) is Mitchell's Fish Market. I haven't been to this particular location, but I've been to a couple of their other locations, and I absolutely LOVE it; the one near home is my favorite place for seafood in the Chicago area, and from what I've seen elsewhere, they are quite consistent across locations.

      Other chains in that shopping center include Fleming's, a steakhouse which I haven't been to ( ). There are lots more restaurants, mostly chains (e.g. TGI Friday's, Chili's, Bonefish Grill), along the stretch of Bluemound Road between Moorland and the Bluemound Road exit from I-94, which is around 3 miles west of the Moorland exit.

      I have not yet been to Parkside 23, which just opened a few months ago, but they have a website at

      Oh, and just a word about breakfast. My "go to" chain for breakfast in cities I'm not familiar with is the Original Pancake House, and I bet I've been to over 20 of their locations. They have a location on Bluemound in Brookfield and it is the absolute WORST location I've ever been to, with food that ranges from grossly undercooked to just plain gross. I do NOT recommend it!

      1. Mr. Shaja works in Brookfield, and he suggests North Star American Bistro on Capitol Drive near Sendik's.

        Mr. B's Steakhouse is very good but might be above the price range you're seeking. Also on Capitol Drive.

        North Star American Bistro
        19115 W Capitol Dr, Brookfield, WI 53045

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          I strongly second the suggestion of North Star American Bistro. I have not been to the Brookfield location but go to the one in Shorewood very often. It has a varied menu and there are things on the menu that range from bourban Salmon, short ribs or whitefish to a great burger or pizza. The salads are wonderful as well. I think it is a bit more interesting than Louise's which is your pretty much standard italian fare. Although I have to admit that Louise's is tasty as well. Enjoy!

          North Star American Bistro
          19115 W Capitol Dr, Brookfield, WI 53045

        2. We also like North Star American Bistro and the neighboring Haute Taco for, well, Tacos...but I don't know that it would meet the bill for a "nice" dinner, but in case you are looking for more than one meal.

          I've been to Parkside 23 twice. I enjoyed it, but the menu by price thing does make ordering more complicated than it needs to be. We found ourselves observing people at neighboring tables eating things as their main dish that were clearly intended to be more of a small plate and we wondered if they were disappointed in the small portion.

          At Louise's, I specifically love the California style pizzas.

          I haven't been, but I've heard good things about Wasabi.

          My favorite chain vote goes to Bonefish Grill...we always enjoy it and I think it's a great value for what you get and you get the ambiance of a nicer place.

          Haute Taco
          18905 W Capitol Dr Ste 110, Brookfield, WI 53045

          North Star American Bistro
          19115 W Capitol Dr, Brookfield, WI 53045

          1. Sadly, Brookfield is not known for their restaurants. Kind of a chain restaurant hell actually.

            There is an independently owned old school steak house called Jake's on Capitol Drive that serves nice food and is a good value.

            North Star Bistro on Capitol is also a good bet. I plan on trying ParkSide 23 based upon what I have heard but cannot recommend somewhere I have not tried myself. Check out their menu though and maybe something will really catch your eye.

            I would imagine Mr. B's is quite good but may be out of your price range.

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            1. re: Sailing77

              >> Sadly, Brookfield is not known for their restaurants. Kind of a chain restaurant hell actually.

              Actually, for its size and location, I think Brookfield has quite a few decent independent restaurants as well as a nice variety of chain restaurants including a few really good ones. The posts so far recommend six or seven independent restaurants (depending on whether you count the two-location Louise's as a chain or not), which is pretty darn good for a town of 40,000. There are some pretty decent places in surrounding towns as well (e.g. Wauwatosa). And of course, it's a hop skip and a jump to go into Milwaukee and its vibrant restaurant scene.

              1. re: nsxtasy

                Thanks for your response but we were not asked for recs in Wauwatosa or Milwaukee. If the question was for ideas in the entire Metro area I would have said she is in luck because the metro area has many, many exciting places to eat. Not so for just Brookfield.

                1. re: Sailing77

                  Seven places worth recommending - and more, if you add in the good chain places (and I can assure you that Mitchell's is very good indeed; you should try it) - is a lot more than many other towns of 40,000 people have. People in Brookfield are lucky they have a lot of good places to choose from right in their own town, in addition to those in nearby towns, and a lot of them appreciate that. Maybe not all of them, but you just can't please everyone, I guess! :)

                  1. re: nsxtasy

                    "but you just can't please everyone, I guess! :)"

                    So true! A couple of the people I work with were devastated when the Chi Chi's on Bluemound closed. But I guess they were somewhat consoled when the Hooters opened right down the road. Neither one were/are for me.

                    I have tried Mitchell's but did not recommend it because I only had one thing (the blackened salmon salad) and it was at the bar. I would not judge their food or service based on that one very limited experience. I have heard their lobster chowder (bisque?) is quite good.

                    After almost 20 years of working in Brookfield and seeing numerous unique, good family owned restaurants going out of business and being replaced by a lot of mediocre chain restaurants I'm probably just jaded and seeing the glass as half-empty. I'm happy to hear you see it as half-full though.

                    1. re: Sailing77

                      There are several things I really love at Mitchell's. One is their seafood "Shang Hai style", steamed with ginger and scallions; they usually have a Shang Hai Sampler with several different items prepared that way, and the Chilean sea bass comes out well Shang Hai style too. Their kung pao fried calamari is also excellent. And their salads are very good, too.