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Something simple with sausage

Hot Italian sausage was on sale at the supermarket so I picked some up. Other than making pasta sauce, what else can I do with them? Note, I don't have a BBQ so grilling isn't an option.

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  1. Broccoli Rabe...with garlic, olive oil and red pepper flakes......on a nice crusty hero roll or simply in a bowl with a litlle chicke stock

    I have a family member who likes to smoke Italian Sausages....I also like to have RoastBaked Chicken with Sausages, Potatoes and Italian Long Hot Peppers..

    1. Roll the sausage into meatballs in a soup like this one from Fine Cooking. I played with this recipe last week (omitted celery and vinegar; added sundried tomatoes, a pepper and some wine) and learned I'm not crazy about kale. HA HA! So if you're like me, you might wanna try it with spinach or some other green of choice. 'scarole, even? The soup itself was good and I didn't mind the kale as much when I reheated it.


      I like fourunder's ideas, too.

      Sausage and roasted peppers is always good eatin', whether over pasta or on a roll. And though I usually make pasta fazool (pasta e fagioli) with pepperoni, sausage is an option there, too.

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        +1 for sausage and peppers (and onions) on a roll

        You could also use it as a filling for stuffed cabbage, stuffed mushroom caps, stuffed eggplant, stuffed peppers, stuffed tomatoes.....you get the idea.

      2. Restaurant recipes using Italian sausage:

        Cabbage & Sausage Soup ; Poor Richard's Restaurant, Waterford, CT

        Lasagna; Paisano's Italian Restaurant, New London, CT

        Stuffed Chicken Breasts; The Golden Cup Restaurant, Groton, CT

        1. Slice up a cabbage, some leeks and an onion and saute with the sausages in olive oil (and butter if you like). Then add a cup or 2 of dry white wine and chicken broth and do a low simmer. Add some sliced red potatoes and let everything cook slowly. My sausages are garlicky but you could add some to the saute - finish with chopped Italian parsley. (Sometimes I slice and sometimes I cut in chunks - just try for the same size)

          1. Almost any of the suggestions here would be great with a nice soft polenta finished with a mix of cheeses--my favorites are parmigiano, comte and roquefort. One of the best combos is the rabe with sausage and tomato sauce.

            1. http://find.myrecipes.com/recipes/rec...

              This recipe for chiles stuffed with chorizo is easily changed to bell peppers and any kind of sausage. I've been making it since it was first published in Sunset in the 80s.

              I think kale is a great addition to a wintertime soup. Here's a Gourmet recipe for the classic Portuguese sausage, potato and kale soup:


              We've been traveling fo the last two weeks getting home today. I think I'll pick up some kale; have everything else; and will make a pot of this. Thanks for the inspiration.

              1. If it's still cool where you live, you might want to try a good hearty soup. Cook up some navy beans (great northern beans are also good) and brown the sausage. Take the sausage out of the pan and add half a cup of chopped onions. Saute the onions until opaque, add one or two large cloves of garlic (chopped fine) and cook for a minute or two, a 14 ounce can of chopped tomatoes, and about 1/2 tsp oregano along with about 8 cups of chicken stock. Drain the beans, then add them to the pot along with the sausage. Bring to a boil, reduce to simmer for about 30 minutes. Serve with a good Ciabatta or in a bread bowl.

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                1. You want super simple?
                  Buy a box of Potatoes Au Gratin. Slice the sausage, cook it on the stove top then add it to the box mix and cook as per the box.

                  1. There is
                    Bean Savory that is super easy: take sausage out of casing and fry out, drain fat, add a can or 2 of baked beans, and a small pkg of frozen corn. Heat all the way thru, and enjoy. This was a childhood fav of mine, and is now a senior citizens easy quick dish!!
                    My father always teased we 3 daughters by calling it scrape up the kitchen.

                    1. Lentils Braised in Red Wine with Italian Sausage is a classic and so delicious. How about slicing into rounds and roasting in the oven with potatoes and whole garlic cloves? Yum!

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                        As in cotechino? I have two in my freezer. Need to fix one soon.

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                            I made a Batali recipe about a year ago. The cotechino was wrapped in a piece of veal shoulder and cooked. Served with lentils (I used Umbrian) and it was amazing.

                      2. Make a rice pilaf or a risotto. You may have to freeze half of the sausage.

                        You could also look up a cajun recipe for boudin sausage balls. Ok Ok Here is a link to Emerils version: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/em...

                        Make it with your Italian sausage. No law says you have to follow a recipe exactly.

                        1. You could do an awesome variation on a Joe's special by browning the chopped sausage with some onion and garlic, and then mixing in a (thawed, squeezed totally-dry box) of frozen spinach; letting it saute for a few and then scrambling in 5 eggs per pound of sausage. We love this with toasted sourdough and jam and a big pile of hashed brown potatoes.

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