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Mar 12, 2011 04:52 AM

nibbles for champagne ideas needed

I would like to start my dinner party tonight with champagne and would like to serve a few light nibbles to go with the bubbles.

I am not really a smoked salmon lover so that is out. One of my guests does not like foie gras so that is out (which is really a shame as I just returned from Gascony and have some in the fridge). I am a bit tired of the ubiquitous cashews and flute that you see here.

So I need some inspiration.... It should be something light as we have a full dinner and I want to keep them hungry.

The rest of my menu is as follows:

Starter of steamed asparagus with vinegarette
Main of potatoes roasted in goose fat with rosemary and garlic, cote de bouef, and medley of spring green vegetables with garlic sprouts.
Dessert will most likely be tarte tatin

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  1. raw oysters
    crunchy savory bread twists
    chilled crab or lobster

    1. Raw Oysters-try out Lucky Limes, Beausoleil, or Kumamoto- don't use tabasco or lemon

      Gougères- simply a 'pâte à choux' with Gruyère cheese added

      Home-made graavlax on mini toasts with creme fraiche

      Raw sliced scallops with vanilla infused oil

      Chicken liver mousse on brioche

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      1. re: hypomyces

        I vote for the Gougeres if you can serve them warm. I think fresh out of the oven is best.

      2. Why.... canapes with caviar, of course. Also, I don't see why your other guests should suffer because one doesn't eat foie gras. He/she can continue to not eat it while the other guests enjoy problem.

        1. Great question!- one I'm facing myself for tomorrow's dinner. I need something simple (no baking, so gougeres are out). Do you all think little mini "cheese balls" with walnuts, parsley, dates and goat cheese would be too heavy for champagne? FWIW I'm actually serving a sparkling rose. Thanks!

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          1. re: mjhals

            Also...potato chips with smoked salmon and a dab of lemon zest creme fraiche.
            Homemade is great....but I've also used salt & pepper kettle chips.
            And I've served them a few times with sparkling rose.
            Also a thai crab salad on endive as well.

          2. a little crab salad on endive
            mini crab cakes
            homemade potato chip topped with a dab of creme frachie and caviar

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            1. re: LaLa

              All those sound just lovely. I have some tobiko (wasabi flavor) that I may just steal the idea of the potato chip. Already have the creme fraiche.

              1. re: c oliver

                Caution, c: use heavy-duty chips for this.....
                wonder how it would be with wasabi kettle chips? overkill? or no?