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Mar 12, 2011 04:00 AM

Changing your CC bill

Went to a small sushi restaurant a few nights ago and the bill with tax was $ 65 and change, when CC receipt came back added $12 to a total of $ 77 and change. When it posted on my CC statement it was $ 79 and change. This has never happened to me before and do not know what to do or how to prevent it from happening again. For the two dollars it is certainly not worth either calling the restaurant of the CC company, but all of a sudden feel vulnerable. Has this happened to anyone ?

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  1. I would DEFINITELY call both the restaurant and the CC company. If they're stealing $2 from you, they're stealing $2 from a lot of other people too, and banking on the reaction "well, it's only two bucks" to get away with stealing potentially hundreds/thousands. This method is pretty common in a lot of situations where there are many thousands of transactions and no one paying attention to small sums vanishing. There have been cases in the banking sector of thieves having made a lot of money by stealing single cents, or even fractions of cents, from every electronic transaction. It's still stealing, and it should be reported and prosecuted.

    I always check my CC receipts against the statements when they show up. Thankfully, I have never had a situation like this.

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      Call the CC company and then call the restaurant. Why would you let anyone take advantage of you? If the restaurant is at fault and does not apologize, I would dispute the charge. I'm usually not this meticulous and probably would not catch $2 so at least be glad that you caught it. I agree that if they are pulling this with you they probably are doing it all the time with other customers.

    2. Well, in financial transactions, you are always vulnerable to errors or fraud so some degree unless you pay cash, double count your change and check the bills for counterfeit. ;)

      I've occasionally had a restaurant "round up" in their favor on a bill, and I've had big CC errors show up, like double billing of the same charge, but never a minor discrepancy over $1 like yours. It might've been a transcription error - how's your handwriting? (lol) It might also be some sort of weird computer adjustment that will re-adjust when it "finally, finally" posts or something like that. (As far as banks are concerned, nothing is final until your statement is generated anyway.)

      I can see not wanting to call the restaurant which might prove to be a defensive PITA even if they did nothing wrong, but it seems to me a call to the CC is less effort than posting and reading the replies in this thread. :)

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        Yeh, but reading the posts is fun, and calling the culprits is not. :)

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          I wouldn't call the restaurant either, but as long as basic communication isn't an issue, CC banks are usually pretty painless. I've had weird things show up on credit card bills, but never a trivial discrepancy like this. If the bank shows nothing amiss, you can still tell them to leave it alone and not go through the hassle of a formal dispute. It's conceivable the resto is skimming a dollar here or there frequently, but that seems unlikely so I'd assume an honest error, if you handwrote in a total. For $2, I wouldn't follow up with the restaurant either, unless it happened again.

      2. Often, the debit/CC companies place a 20% tip on top of the final bill and hold it for a couple days. It should come off on its own. It's happened to me a few times.

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              Thanks, jlb.
              Nomad, it happens all, all, all the time.

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                Yup, I always notice it after pumping gas.

          1. It is your obligation, as a card holder, to report any instances of theft or you could be held liable. Now, for $2, no one can accuse you of doing anything nefarious. Though we've learned to demonize card companies of late (often with good reason), I have found that they can be pretty good to work with (e.g. removing fees when I mistakenly paid late, getting cards to me when I'm traveling when I've forgotten or lost them).

            If in a few days, it hasn't dropped down to the original cost (as invino suggests might be the issue), you should report it b/c they will flag that business and look for any patterns.

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              +1... the authorization amount is often different from the final posted amount. If it has been more thatn a few days and still wrong, call the CC company.
              This happens to me at my local gas station all the time.

            2. Although I agree with the other posters on double checking after time has passed in case it was just a hold. Another possibility is that whoever keyed it in misread the 7 for a 9. That's a common mistake. Yes you could have been cheated but it also could be an honest mistake.

              One new detail I noticed a few years back on my credit card bill is that whenever possible, it shows the breakout for the tip. Its nice to see right under the total charge a line each for the meal cost and the tip.

              Perhaps when you contact the credit card company ask them for the two amounts. Good luck.