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Mar 12, 2011 03:48 AM

Upper Darby area restaurants?

We're from out of town and looking for a really nice place for a family celebration in this area of PA. Diverse ages but like fine food and a nice atmosphere. Any ideas? Thanks!

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  1. Check out this thread for help:

    There's a bunch of other places that would be good for you also within driving distance, but the ones listed in the thread are in Upper Darby proper.

    J.B. Dawson's ( is decent food in nearby Drexel Hill that is casual food in a somewhat upscale setting. Anthony's in Drexel Hill I heard has decent red-gravy Italian. There's a couple Asian places worthwhile to go to: Sampan Inn in Havertown (Chinese/Japanese), Lucky Dragon in Havertown (Chinese/Japanese), and Szechuwan Hill (Chinese) in Drexel Hill.

    Hope this helps...

    1. There is not a lot of great options in this area. In Upper Darby, there is a pretty divy family style Italian restaurant with pretty good food (nothing gourmet- more of your Chicken Parmesan and Meatball kind of dishes) called Bona Cucina. The Clam Tavern in Clifron Heights is also really close and another dive (think wood paneling and no remodeling since the 1970's- ha ha) but they do an amazing Crab Imperial and Baked Clams. We really like Samurai on Township Line in Drexel Hill- good sushi and other dishes. They also have a Hibachi side of the restaurant. If you are willing to jump on 476 and drive 15 minutes, we really like Flemings and Susanna Foo in Radnor. Also, in University City, a 15 minutes drive from Upper Darby is Distrito. We love it there and it is convenient that you do not have to go all the way into center city.

      1. Just don't go to Pica's!!!

        I second Anthony's. Nice place, nice people, good food.

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            They are just awful. I guess the pizza is good, but we've been there for dinner. I honestly don't know why we ever go back. I'm never happy with my meal. On recent visits, the bolognese sauce has tasted bitter and burnt, the roast beef has tasted borderline rotten, and the linguine & clams has been completely tasteless, if you don't count the grit from the broken clamshells in the bowl.

            They used to be ok a couple of years ago, but these days we always wind up saying "what were we thinking?".

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              I agree with you in regards to the food being bad besides their square pizza. I've tried their other menu items there (pastas, sandwiches, etc.) and its borderline acceptable. I dunno what it is that happened in regards to the decline in food quality, maybe different kitchen staff or change of ingredient quality. Pica's was once a go-to place for me and my family. Not anymore.

              1. re: paychecktoday

                The ingredient quality has definitely gone downhill. The clams in the linguine were tiny, brittle, and brownish. I've never seen them served in a pasta dish before. They were literally disintegrating as I was taking the meat out.

                And rotten roast beef? Really? It's ironic because my husband will eat anything. He's the guy who will eat the week old leftovers in the fridge, because "it's a sin to waste food". I have seen him eat stuff that was BUBBLING! Yuck. So, for him to say that his roast beef hoagie "tasted funny" was significant.

                Beyond that, I'm not sure what happened - but something sure did. And I don't get it, this place is not cheap, and it's always packed!

        1. Sycamore, in Lansdowne, is close to UD and a favorite of mine. It's fairly foodie-oriented, but not too scary. Its a BYO if that matters to you (that's a plus for me). They also sell interesting cocktail mixes if you chose to bring spirits rather than wine or beer. The food is great; the atmosphere a little funky - service is good but not formal.

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            I know this is an old thread, but Sycamore has closed.