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Mar 11, 2011 10:07 PM

where to buy salsify and cardoons

Where can I buy salsify and cardoons in the Boston area, preferably somewhat close to Lexington?
I would also like to know sources for what I call "baby" or "unborn" vegetables!!! I mean the tiny beets, carrots and squashes one finds in the better restaurants.


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  1. Bought some truly gorgeous Cardoons at Russo's in Watertown Thursday.

    Arax in Watertown also has Cardoons some times as do the green grocers in the North End.

    Mind sharing a recipe for the Cardoons, my SO was going to call her mom in Italy?

    Think I have seen salsify at Russo's as well.

    Little tiny veg you probably have to wait for summer farmer's markets.

    1. I always see salsify - scorzonera, actually - at WFM. I haven't seen cardoons as readily, but Russo's is a good bet (for the latter as well). Restaurants generally FedEx the micro veggies in from the midwest or California: Chef's Garden or Nature's Best. I believe either will sell online.

      1. Russo's had cardoons yesterday and baby pattypan and zucchini squashes.