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Mar 11, 2011 07:41 PM

Curbside Gourmet food truck in WPB?

Hey! Wondered if anyone had tried this food truck yet. Been seeing lots of it out and about in West Palm. I'm excited there's finally a food truck and the menu online looks great. is the site. Hope somebody has the 411. Thanks!

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  1. I eat at Curbside about once a week, and have not had any bad picks. The menu changes on a daily basis, the ingredients are fresh, the menu is innovative and the staff is friendly and helpful. Prices tend to be on the high side (as all the food trucks tend to be), which is why I only eat there once a week. Lunch at Curbside Gourmet is an indulgence. . . a treat I look forward to! BTW - the Korean pulled pork sliders are to die for . . .

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        Recently they have been pretty steady on S Dixie Hwy between Belvedere and Okechobee. Either at the old Carefree Theater or near the Norton Art Museum (across from Flamingo Park). I follow them on twitter and get daily updates for location & menu.

    1. Went to Curbside today - they were just south of the Norton Museum on S. Dixie in downtown WPB. I had their burger special, which was their regular/classic burger, but topped with onion jam, bacon, provolone cheese, heirloom tomato and arugula. I'm rather picky when it comes to burgers, but this was just awesome. I've not tried all of the "best SoFla burger" joints discussed on Chowhound . . .yet . . ., but the sammich produced by these guys was MUCH better than a Five Guys burger (which is my yardstick for describing a "good" burger).

      1. I am downtown a lot and so I have eaten there a few times. Crab cakes are great and the fish tacos are very good. Definitely worth trying if you're hungry and see the truck.