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Mar 11, 2011 06:15 PM

red velvet cake in Montco area?

We have a friend coming from out of town for her birthday, and her husband would like us to order her favorite: red velvet cake. I know Roma Bakery in Blue Bell makes one, but I've never tried it. Can anyone offer insight into their red velvet or any other good places to order one in the area? We're in Norristown.


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  1. Sweet Bytes Bakery in Ambler has the best red velvet cupcakes I ever had, perfect soft texture and fabulous white chocolate frosting. They also do cakes to order, all homemade by the owners.

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      Thanks! I'm not anxious to drive to Ambler, since it's a bit out of my way, but I may have to try it based on your recommendation.

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        She is usually dead on. I am a big fan of Roma but would not go to them for a red velvet cake. They are great for Italian cakes and pastries.

        1. re: pbplus

          Its right by the train station if that is convenient for you, its definitely worth the trip. And if you go you have to try some of their pastries, some of the best pastry crust I have had in a while. What I love about them is everything is just so homemade tasting. They also have really good bread. Call ahead if you head over, tell them what you are looking for and they will have everything made for you (they do not seem to keep very much on hand, which is good because that means everything is fresh). The owners are really nice.

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        1. Not sure if this is too late but Alice Bakery in North Wales does special order cakes such as carrot cake and red velvet cake. Had one of their red velvet cupcakes and my oh my! Moist, delicious and decadent icing.