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Mar 11, 2011 04:53 PM

Chicken Now / Chickenow?

While gawking at the iPad line at Cambridgeside Galleria, I noticed that "Chicken Now" is planning to open tomorrow in the food court. A little googling suggests the following:

1. it's a franchise which redesigned their logo in 2009, but this brand-new outlet sports the old signage;

2. they have about thirty locations nationwide, but none in MA (but two opening);

3. they're only in malls. ever.

I know the Galleria historically had a migrating rat problem, as they moved next door whenever exterminators visited. Anyone have any experience with Chickenow to help me decide whether to risk Cambridgeside? Or, for that matter, updated health inspection information? ;)

mods, please forgive if this needs a move to the Chains board.

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  1. The one at the South Shore Plaza is open -- haven't eaten there myself, but I hear the chicken sandwich is good and the sides are not as good. It seems to be a step up from the "Bourbon Street"/"Jambalaya Grill"/"Surf & Turf" independently-owned chicken-and-sometimes-Asian-food stalls that dot food courts. I'll have to check it out the next time I'm in Braintree.

    1. Okay, I bit the bullet and tried an "original sandwich." Service was quick and accurate and friendly despite their order system not working correctly yet, several simultaneous trainees, and the fact that they were in the first twenty minutes of opening.

      The sandwich was forgettable. Rock-hard tomato, I remember that. Two "tenders," lettuce, tomato, bun, and spicy mayo. Tenders were, I thought, underseasoned and didn't taste like much, or were at least overpowered by the mayo. Tenders weren't dry, and were probably breasts cut in thirds. They didn't seem ground/reformulated.

      It's certainly no Chik-Fil-A.

      The marketing materials tout the chicken "never being frozen." Since this is not artisanal chicken, I can't imagine why this is good: first, freezing greatly reduces risk from foodborne pathogens which is serious business when it comes to chicken; second, IQF won't appreciably reduce the quality of factory-farmed chicken.

      That said, I'll probably give it another try soon, so it can't have been all that bad.

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        update: it was, in fact, that bad.

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        1. I didn't realize it might be "famous" so to speak. Since I work across the way, I tried this place for lunch and found it to be greasy and unappetizing. I had the same feeling after I eat McDonald's chicken nuggets -- like the food is just sitting in my stomach for hours, requiring some industrial strength stomach acid to dissolve. I would not recommend this place even if you are in the mall and are stuck with the food court.

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