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Mar 11, 2011 04:43 PM

need to drink some good espresso in Yorkville

After dinner at Malena.

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  1. Lettieri?

    Lettieri Bar
    441 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V2A5, CA

    1. Zaza on Bellair, but I'm not sure what time they close.

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      1. re: eatravel

        Went to Zaza today, trying to avoid the hoard of people from the Santa Claus parade. He got an espresso and I ordered a banana fruit juice. After paying, the lady behind the counter asked me if I liked banana flavoured things. Then she offered me a taste of their banana gelato. I said sure, thinking it would be a spoonful - she gave me an entire cup for free! And it was delicious - not overly sweet, tasted almost like the mild flavour of a banana bread. Great service, great espresso. I'll be back for sure.

      2. Yes very very very very very good Coffee etc here:):):)

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        1. re: NoFixedAddress

          I think Zaza is the only place in Yorkville for a decent espresso?

          1. re: 5andman

            Agreed. And the staff are amazingly enthusiastic

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              I like the espresso at Zaza, and I like that the staff can carry on a conversation in Italian with its customers, but I don't think it's the only place in Yorkville for a decent espresso.

              For me, most of the espresso I've ordered in Yorkville qualifies as decent (if decent means ok/adequate/satisfactory/acceptable/fairly good). For me, the espresso at the Pusateri's cafe, Lettieri, Il Posto, the Whole Foods' Cafe at street level, Caren's , and even a place as commercial as Starbuck's falls into the category of decent.

              Il Posto
              148 Yorkville Ave, Toronto, ON M5R1C2, CA

          2. 7 grams has very good espresso drinks so I would think they would have good espresso shots too.

            1. Seven Grams at the corner of Avenue and Webster. They pull an excellent espresso.

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              1. re: archive

                agreed. they also do pour overs, that weird vacuum brewing method and they have some totally sci fi machine called the trifecta. a bit expensive, though.