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Mar 11, 2011 04:26 PM

Great meal at Fond in South Philly

Three of us enjoyed a great byob meal recently at Fond in South Philly (not far from Pat’s and Geno’s). A very small menu, and we had a good cross-section of it with the $65 tasting menu. Unfortunately, it was too dark to take any photos.

~Amuse-bouche: roasted mushroom soup shooter…as good as Blackfish’s

~Beet & fennel-cured arctic char with celery root, trout roe and caraway…lovely dish

~Wild boar pate with sourdough bread and Dijon mustard…a large slice of rustic pate, and interestingly the mustard/pate was a great match for the orange wine

~Escargot with bell peppers, garlic foam and toasted baguette…smelled amazing

~Seared skate wing, Meyer lemon risotto, edamame, soy brown butter…the delicate crisp on the skate was amazing, but the risotto wasn’t very lemony and a bit over-cooked

~Palate cleanser: Campari and pink grapefruit sorbet

~Braised Berkshire pork belly, Okinawa sweet potatoes, escarole and Dijon jus…this had the most crispy skin I’ve ever tasted on a piece of pork (Amada eat your heart out)

~Pre-dessert: Meyer lemon layer cake with poppy seed genoise, pistachio sauce and crispy rosemary meringue

~Brown butter cheesecake

~Malted milk chocolate ice cream, peanut brittle, chocolate crumble and peanut butter ganache

~Ginger meringues

~’06 Dönnhoff Schloßböckelheimer Felsenberg Riesling Spätlese (a fantastic wine, available at PCLB)

~’00 Marcel Deiss Altenberg de Bergheim Grand Vin

~’04 Massa Vecchia Bianco Maremma Toscana IGT

~’96 Domaine Arlaud Morey St. Denis 1er Cru Les Ruchots Cuvée Unique

~’00 Domaine Michel Lafarge Volnay 1er Cru Clos des Chênes

~’90 Olga Raffault Chinon Les Picasses

~’07 Seghesio Family Vineyards Zinfandel Sonoma County

~’05 Château Haut-Bergeron Sauternes (375 mL)

~’01 Feiler-Artinger Ruster Ausbruch Pinot Cuvée (375 mL)

Some of the previous posts on Fond complained about the noise level, but frankly, I really don’t know what they were talking about. The atmosphere and service were great, parking wasn’t to bad (there’s street meters, a lot a block away, or try the Acme lot 3 blocks away), and the three owners visited every table. I wish I had been half that talented when I was <25 years old!

A tiny neighborhood gem.

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  1. Nice wine choices!

    Were desserts split among different members of your party, or did everybody get the lemon cake + brown butter cake + ice cream? That sounds like a pretty fantastic arrangement for a dessert lover, if so.

    Thanks for the write-up.

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    1. re: nwinkler

      Everyone was served separate small portions of the pre-dessert and each of the 2 desserts as part of the 7-course tasting menu (the amuse-bouche, palate cleanser and pre-dessert were not counted as courses, and the meringues were a small after-dinner treat that every table got).

    2. I ate at Fond twice over the past year and I can say my meals there were the best I had all year. The sweetbreads are incredible. The first meal I had there was the seared skate and it was really delicious. The second meal was an octopus stew that was also incredible. I can't remember what my dining partners had, but everyone throughly enjoyed their meals. This is my current favorite restaurant in the city!

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      1. re: b1979

        We had a wonderful dinner at Fond last night. Only the second time there since they opened. I wish we hadn't waited so long to return.