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Mar 11, 2011 04:16 PM

Anita's Kitchen, Ferndale

I've been to the Troy outpost which is basic Mediterranean/Lebanese fair in basic surrounding, thought it was pretty good. (Full disclosure: I worked in Dearborn for a couple years and don't think any place can probably be as good.)

Ambiance is really summer/warmer weather the all weather tent looks just great. Comfortable tables, nice service.

Lemon/lentil soup --- just very OK. Some lemon, thought lentils might be more crushed but tasted mainly salt. Pita bread in pre=packaged sandwich bags --bummer. Fattoush - coursely chopped cukes, tomatoes and onions, minimal parsley, not enough sumac; very, very different from the spritely, herbal and lemony fattoushes from elsewhere (Dearborn, e.g. Al-Boudouni.)

Total bill : $9.

I'd like to like this place but based on this, I'd limit myself to a drink at the bar (another surprise from my Dbn experiences) and a hummus or snack.

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  1. I was sad when the Troy location closed, I loved them. I like the Ferndale location as well, but not quite as much. I love their chicken shwarma and garlic sauce, and the hummous and fresh juices are all great. Outside of that, its not something I frequent that often, but the prices are great and everything always tastes fresh imo.

    1. i have been to the ferndale anita's a few times and thought that it was good, but the lentil soup and the fatoush are nowhere near as good as the former la shish

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        When Pita Cafe is a 7 minute contest. Plus I thought it was a bit pricey for a bowl of soup and a half of salad.