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Mar 11, 2011 04:01 PM

edmonton, late sunday lunch near university

I am coming to edmonton on sunday to have lunch with my son. He lives near the university. I'm thinking greek, but am open to other suggestions for a late lunch.

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  1. The High Level Diner has a little bit of everything on their menu - including a souvlaki, I believe.

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    1. re: S_B_Russell

      The food is awful and the service worse: unless you want to stand in line for an hour, go anywhere else.

            1. re: Jenni899

              I thought S_B_Russell's response to Pender's blunt assessment was cute. That is all!

    2. I like Remedy, its pretty casual-the Pakistani food is very good, the atmosphere casual artsy. I dont know for sure if they are open Sunday lunch or not, you may have to call.

      1. Well, do let us know what you choose and if its any good. I live in the area and always curious about reviews. Good luck and happy lunching.