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Local/organic dining in Seattle

What would be Seattle's answer to Chez Panisse? We are looking for local/organic/free range/vegetarian friendly in Seattle.

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  1. You can't swing a stick without hitting a restaurant that uses local, seasonal produce and good meats, but Tilth is also organic, and even has a vegan menu.



    1. As noted, there are many.One that pops up for me is Art Of The Table.

      1. Bizarro. Locavore. Almost everything sourced within 300 miles of Seattle.

        1. portage bay does the local/organic thing too. those preferences are reflected in the prices but it's pretty tasty. more of a cafe/diner sort of set up but the fruit bar that comes with some of the breakfast selections is amazing.

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            I wouldn't call Portage Bay Cafe anything like Chez Panisse but the food was good.

          2. Local 360 at 1st and Bell is rather new, but it will more than fulfill your first 3 requirements. Everything is sourced from within 360 miles (I think) and the menu really reflects a seasonal vibe. I think there's been some complaints about service at the bar, but I've never had any issues. The space was formerly the Flying Fish and is very warm, wooden and inviting.

            Flying Fish
            2234 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121

            1. Try Poppy or Sitka & Spruce. Although neither makes anywhere near as big a deal about ingredient sourcing as Chez Panisse, both follow the philosophy of combining traditional ideas with fresh, local ingredients in pursuit of creating dishes that feel unique to the region. If you're in the mood to spend $200+/person, I suppose there's always the Herbfarm.

              Please do not go to Bizarro or the Portage Bay Cafe with the impression that they have anything to do with Chez Panisse beyond the appearance of the word "organic" on the menu.

              1. Holly Smith of Cafe Juanita has always reminded me of Alice Waters. I've only eaten at Chez Panisse twice though but I remember that the first time I ate at Cafe Juanita the comparison struck me.

                Cafe Juanita
                Kirkland, WA, Kirkland, WA

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                  Thank you everyone for the wonderful, detailed replies! I am going to feast while in Seattle! Thanks again.

                2. Haven't been able to make it to Chez Panisse (really want to!) so I don' t know if it's similar, but I've got to add:

                  Ravish (Eastlake) - http://www.ravishoneastlake.com/
                  Small bites style. I always order one of the salads and roast vegetables. Drinks are just as good as the food, but never thought to ask if the drinks were organic.

                  Fresh Bistro (West Seattle) - http://www.herbanfeast.com/freshbistro
                  Went there once for HH, want to go back for more. Variety of vegetarian options, even for HH. Website talks about their local/sustainable mission, not sure if they're 100% organic. Some of the farms they source from are organic.

                  Fresh Bistro
                  4725 42nd Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116

                  1. Cafe Juanita was just what we were looking for!
                    Thanks for the suggestions!

                    Cafe Juanita
                    Kirkland, WA, Kirkland, WA