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Mar 11, 2011 03:37 PM

In n' out Off Menu

I tried a grilled cheese with chopped peppers from In n' Out. I liked it--it packs quite a bit of heat. It's not new but its one of their off menu items that most people don't actually try. The guy said I was the only person to order it, besides their management, his 6 years working there. I am guessing at other places it might be more common, I found out they would add them from Davis wiki afficionados. I knew they had them, I just thought you could only order them on the side. Try it . . .

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  1. I don't think I knew about that one. Please tell me more about it. Usually I get their 4x4 which is also not on the menu. Are they hot peppers? I wonder if they would put some on my 4x4

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        mucho gordo, the peppers are very hot and they taste good. I have a palate that can accomodate peppers with a great deal of heat. They will put them on any thing. People have mentioned that you can just add them yourself. That is true, and I am familiar they give them out or at some In n' Outs like the one on Venice by Culver City they are out for you to grab yourself.

        What I didn't realize was that they would chop them and put them in your sandwich/burger orders. The server told me no one except their management at that particular location where he worked ordered it in the sandwich--I haven't seen that done myself at any location. I've seen the peppers ordered just not in the sandwiches. This location was in central Orange County.

        It's not a big deal, but it is an option I wish I personally knew about long ago so I thought I'd share. There is an In n' Out University with a restaurant in Baldwin Park--13850 Francisquito Ave. The University used to be in Irvine but they moved it to Baldwin Park the site of their original location with the rebuilt restaurant. I am guessing that is probably the best place to get whatever you want--I read on one of the links posted in this thread that they no longer serve 100x100s. I can't see why anyone would want that, but that's probably the best place to try to get accomodated.

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          Thanks for telling me about the peppers. I will ask for them on my next 4x4. I knew a little bit about 'animal style' and it didn't appeal to me but, the peppers are another story.

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            I did it last night. I ordered my 4x4 with grilled onions and asked them for chopped chilis. It was great! Just the right amount of heat to let me know I ate some chilis.

        2. That sounds interesting. It's not even on the " definitive secret menu" : but chopped chiles are on this one:

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            Just read the examiner link and noticed that they left out my 4x4 which basically is 2 double cheesburgers on one bun.

          2. If nobody knows about it and nobody ever orders it, those must be some nasty old moldy peppers.

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              Now with Even-More-Secret-Menu options! And it's a good read.

              And the peppers ain't nasty - they're fresh! You just have to ask.

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                apple7blue probably meant the grilled cheese with chopped peppers, specifically, is never ordered. If you ever go to an In-n-Out, you'll see that the peppers are requested pretty consistently.

              2. So from the Serious Eats column I have gleaned my new favorite Secret Menu Item. You can get a thick slice of grilled onion on your sandwich. I tried it on a grilled cheese and I almost didn't miss the meat. I will go back soon and try it on a wish-a-burger. One of these days I will try and figure out if it drops the calorie count for the sandwich from getting a burger or if that is no more than a wish.

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                1. re: Mattapoisett in LA

                  I hate the nicknames because I can't remember them and it makes it harder to understand what's being talked about--plus I found often times they are not familiar with the nicknames themselves. Anyway they grill the onion where they grill the meat so maybe that's why you didn't miss the meat? oh yeah so back to my opening gripe, what's a wish burger? I am sure dropping meat out for an onion slice will make it a calorie count dropper.

                2. I have to ask (what has probably been asked many times before): Why bother even having a "secret" menu?

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                  1. re: ediblover

                    I don't think its meant to be secret--its just that they have a standard classic menu, and these are just off menu items. To feel cool, some people are like, 'I am ordering off the secret menu hahah!' I don't truly know the answer--like they also do have secret christian messages on their branded packaging also, but its not like if you go there that there is any sort of evangelicizing of any sort.

                    1. re: apple7blue

                      I think you're right, apple! It builds a sense of brand loyalty, not to mention intrigue. Mention their secret menu to someone unfamiliar with it, and the reaction is usually a curious one.