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Mar 11, 2011 02:37 PM

Alberta Wagyu - Where in Edmonton?

I was told by a fellow foodie that there are farms in Alberta which produce Wagyu beef for local consumption. My first experience with it was in Tokyo being treated to a wonderful ShabuShabu dinner. I am hosting a dinner soon and would love to purchase some Alberta Wagyu to try, anyone know if there is a specialty store in Edmonton which carries it?

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  1. Smokin' Iron Butchers has prime cuts, you could call them and see if they ever get any crossbred wagyu in at (780) 471-0851. Their shop is at 11401 – 50th Street. According to their website they get their meat from a Hutterite colony which unfortunately likely has no wagyu.

    To order direct you could call Kimberly McCarthy at Kobe Classic beef in Camrose at 1-877-672-KOBE (5623), . She dropped off some business cards and a couple wagyu ribeyes for us at the downtown Mikado to try out. Probably able to pick up individual packs but unsure whether you'd have to go to Camrose to pick it up or if she does regular deliveries to Edmonton.

    Of course the crossbred wagyu is not at all similar to the matsuzaka or oumi or kobe gyuu but still more marbled than angus or other non-japanese breeds.

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      Just an aside, Costco is now carrying Prime beef, it is far more marbled than traditional, it is the cut that restaurants get. Might be an option if you cannot find what you are looking for.