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Mar 11, 2011 02:19 PM

Where can I buy wild boar in DC?

I want to find some ground wild boar in DC, for use in a ragu. Any advice on where to find it?

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  1. Hey,

    I've researched the same thing. I host a dinner club of sorts on occasion and I had been looking for Wild Boar to smoke. Alas, while you may on the rare occasion find Wild Boar in Washington--and on those rare occasions at the DC Farmers Market near Gallaudet University only or Dean and Deluca in Georgetown--it is frozen. I've looked into the distributors and they are either retail-only wholesalers, or D'Artagnan. Ely's Meats at the DC Farmers Market (which has a great variety from organic duck, to tripe, to rabbit, to quail, in addition to the common stocks, can special order.

    I suggest that if you have the time order from D'Artagnan as their prices, whilst high, are not prohibitive and their quality is capital; anywhere else is most likely going to charge far more as they've ordered it, then marked it up.


    DC Farmers Market:
    1309 5th Street, NE, Washington, DC

    Ely's Meats
    1309 5th Street, NE, Washington, DC
    Booth # 3 (202) 544-5143

    Dean & Deluca
    3276 M Street, NW (Georgetown), Washington, DC

    I also highly recommend ethe El Grande Supermercado in Springfield, VA. It is the Willy Wonka store of all grocers, it is the mother of all gourmet purveyors. They have everything from preserved duck eggs, to pints of beef blood, to live fish, seafood you didn't know existed, mutton tongue, and black-boned hens. Excellent selection of sausages, including the rare and delicious Spanish-style fresh morcilla black-pudding sausage.

    El Grande:
    6901 Hechinger Drive, Springfield, VA 22151

    What do you need the Wild Boar for? What are your intentions with it?

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    1. re: thariri

      Wow, what great information! Thanks so much!
      I (like you) wanted the wild boar for a dinner party. I have time, so I may see about ordering it.
      Thanks again.

      1. re: overthinkit

        Good luck! Let me know how it goes.
        What's the dinner party menu?
        I'm hosting one on Wednesday and I'm facing a similar problem with sodium alginate (for spherification) and fresh quail--alas, I'll use frozen, it isn't quail season.


        1. re: thariri

          Have you tried Eastern Market? They almost always have quail, I think. I haven't looked lately, though.

          Not sure about the rest of the menu yet, but I have time. The theme is "danger" and as host I'm responsible for main dish, cocktail, and whatever else doesn't get filled in. I'm thinking "death in the afternoon" cocktails (absinthe with champagne) and perhaps a tarte flambee app. Danger is a hard theme, so I'm going for fire, dangerous animals, and death. :)
          Good luck with the sodium alginate! I wouldn't know what that was if I tripped over it.

      2. re: thariri

        If you are going to consider having your meat shipped, in Chicago there is Chicago Game and Gourmet- it is what we used for an exotic game meal back in Cleveland for bear, turtle, etc...:

      3. (cross post)

        I went to Market Poultry at Eastern Market this past weekend (Dec. 2011). They only had ribs. Why, of all the cuts from an animal, they would only have that -- I have no idea. What an odd part to have, especially for boar. Needless to say, I didn't get any.

        Previously I'd ordered two loin racks from Meat On The Avenue in Alexandria (Del Ray), since I work nearby (live in the District). (I am going to pick them up this Thursday.) The butcher -- who is a real antisocial person -- said he could only get racks. Again, not really what I wanted but ok to try.

        In the end, I've followed MakingSense (from another post) and ordered from d'Artagnan. I find their prices not prohibitive. In all I spent about $120 (including overnight shipping) and got a box full of meat -- a mini roast, a nice hefty shoulder roast, a couple dry sausages, a loin strip, and three packs of shanks. I'm planning to put the shanks into a ragu with pappardelle; we'll see what I do with the other stuff.

        Oh, and I don't know why Dakota Guy (in another post) said that "wild" boar is from a farm. Maybe some of it is but the boar from d'Artagnan was labeled *feral* animal meat. :D nom nom nom

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        1. re: felixjer

          Feral pigs are considered "vermin" in some places and it is legal to sell the meat, but for the most part, wild caught game (venison, birds, etc.) can not be sold - only donated or gifted by the hunter. This prevents poaching for profit. In Texas there are at least a couple of federally licensed feral pig slaughterhouses that sell processed feral hog meat. Unknown whether they test the animals or meat for diseases. caveat emptor

          1. re: crackers

            I hear you, crackers. But , frankly, I don't put too much faith in the USDA after how many people got sick from spinach (spinach!?) in recent memory, not to mention the info. I've heard from local farmers at the farmers markets in D.C. about how they have to get their meat processed and how basically the USDA pushes small farmers out of meat-business. I understand that, like the IRS, there's about one federal worker for every 18 million pages of paper or acres of land to inspect, but either we as The People and they as The Government want to get the job done right or we're all just wasting our time and money. But that is not a discussion for a food site! lol

            From d'Artagnan's website ( : "These animals are naturally processed under USDA inspection to our exacting specifications."

            There's also a good explanation of "wild" boar and why they get the label "feral", as well as a statement that most boar sold in the U.S. does indeed come from Texas, on this page: .

        2. for future reference, "let's meat on the avenue" often lists wild boar on its website. it is in the del ray section of alexandria, though, and not d.c. great sausages, there, by the way.

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          1. re: alkapal

            +1 for Lets Meat- great butcher shop (along with My Butcher and More) and both can probably special order boar 4 u.

          2. Get out your gun and go shoot one yourself. Haha. Might want to call le aubrge chez Francios in great falls and if you are nice, maybe they will let you in on where they get it from. Good luck.