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Mar 11, 2011 02:08 PM

Glass lids for all-Clad cookware

I have a few pieces of All-Clad, a saute pan, stock pot and saucepan. And, I really miss not being able to see if something is simmering or boiling without lifting the lid all the time. I wrote to All-Clad and mentioned that this may be something useful to cooks. They responded with 'We have no plans to offer glass lids'..

So, I'm wondering if anyone else thinks this a issue and or have found glass lids that will fit some of the standard All-Clad cookware.

Any ideas appreciated. thanks.

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  1. I here what you're saying. Measure your pans then go out and hit those garage sales and thrift stores. I found a glass lid for my 8qt All-Clad stock pot at a garage sale. It fits perfectly.

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    1. re: terlin

      Thanks, that is a great idea. I will keep the measurements with me and it will be fun looking for lid options.

      1. re: Ross101

        perfect fit!

        [Edit: Oops meant to add the photo in reply to my post below...]

      2. re: terlin

        I have a set of white ridged Corning Ware dishes with glass lids... the clear all-glass lid for the 2.5 L corning piece PERFECTLY fits my All Clad D5 4 qt sauce pan. I generally use the glass lid with it instead of the All Clad lid.

      3. Here is something to think about. Emerilware is actually manufactured by All-Clad and it offers glass lids. It is not unrealistic to check out these lids and see if they fit on All-Clad:

        That is, if you can get hold of them.

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        1. re: Chemicalkinetics

          Hi Chem. That is a great idea. Seems Emeril is with me in that glass lids are useful.

        2. Another good reason to use glass lids is because of their weight, compared to the current AC lids, which pop up slightly as soon as it gets steamy underneath.

          1. My local Target has glass lids with stainless rims in many sizes and cheap. I have bought 2 not for all clad but I'm sure they will work iif you check size.

            1. If you can't find a glass lid that fits perfectly, they also make "universal" lids, like this one from Amazon: