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Mar 11, 2011 01:40 PM

seasoning poached eggs...

I made my first poached eggs for lunch today and I thought the texture and outcome were really great, but the one thing I haven't figure out is when/how are you supposed to season/salt the egg?

For my lunch I ended up just salting them on their top after spooning them out of the water and putting them on the bread, but I felt like I missed out on extracting more flavor from the runny yolk. Are you supposed to season the raw egg instead before it goes into the water? Or salt the water like pasta?

Thanks community!

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  1. Nah - although some folks add a dash of vinegar to the poaching water, that's more to help firm up the egg white rather than to provide any seasoning.

    I always season poached eggs after the fact - & all the recipes I've come across that incorporate poached eggs do the same. Just try some different seasonings outside of the usual salt & pepper. Fresh or dried herbs, different peppers (cayenne, lemon-pepper seasoning), seasoned salts, etc.

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        a pinch of coarse kosher salt and pepper is basic and works well for me. Some fine chopped herbs will give it some big flavor zings.

      2. I always very generously salt the water (kosher only, I was always told that the iodine in iodized salt inhibits the "set" of the whites) and add vinegar. Of course, they still need seasoning post-poach, but salting the water does help season the whole egg.

        1. I season with kosher salt and at tarragon once in a while.

          1. Fresh chervil can also be nice, as can fresh chives minced finely.

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                I lightly season the eggs when plating them, but personally, I like to break the yolks then season lightly a second time, to give the yolk a little love too. If my poached eggs are served on something toasted and sauteed spinach with garlic, I might shake a few drops of fish sauce instead of salt over the whole thing. Another nice idea is hot chile oil or truffle oil, especially if mushrooms have made their way onto the plate.

            1. When I can get really really good beautiful large eggs, it's a poach in fairly heavily salted water with a splash of vinegar, followed by what you'd basically call a bath in unsalted butter applied when I have them in their own little monkey dish, a good sprinkle of good salt and a good grind of good pepper. I really love the basic nutty eggy goodness of fairly plain eggs - especially the ones from the farmstand, laid that morning. : ) If I lay them over greens, though, the greens will be garlicked or maybe done with a touch of cayenne and onion in the braise, and then honestly whatever fresh herbs I've got in the house will be just fine. But I really, really prefer them very plain.