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Mar 11, 2011 12:59 PM

Wilmington, near Shriners

Looking for somewhere near Shriners Auditorium. All foods good. Probably Sunday lunch or late lunch.

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  1. Not right near Shriners Auditorium but a 15 to 20 drive:

    In Billerica, Sichuan Gourment and The Pongol (Indian)
    In Burlington, New Jang Su Korean BBQ

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    1. re: three of us

      Sichuan Garden in Woburn isnt too far, i went there once before the shriners.

    2. A few places nearby- on Rt 28 in North Reading. Mario's Pizza ( across from Dunkin Donuts on 28) has good pizza. It ia also a red sauce Italian menu, though I have only had their pizza. The Lobster Claw on 28 used to be good- have not had their prepared foods in a while, but do get their fresh fish. Further up on 28 is the Horseshoe Grille for BBQ. Has mixed reviews on this board- but not too bad. Not lots of places in the vicinity of the Shriners, so these may do if you want to stay nearby.

      Horseshoe Grille
      226 Main St, North Reading, MA 01864