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Mar 11, 2011 12:47 PM

Need a Middletown, CT restaurant suggestion (I have criteria!)

Five old friends have decided to meet up for dinner and drinks on a Saturday night and Middletown is a central location. We are all women ranging from 30-35 and one is a vegetarian. Most are adventurous eaters except for one whose only food hatred revolves around sushi. Looking for a place with ambiance where we can have some drinks and food and not be too rushed. I would say moderate price is key since we run the financial gamut in this crowd (maybe less than $20/entree?).
The only Middletown place I am familiar with these days is Eli Cannons and while I love the beer selection, that's not what I am aiming for. Any thoughts?

Eli Cannon's
695 Main St, Middletown, CT 06457

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  1. A good option might be Tuscany Grill on College Street just off of Main.
    They accept reservations, are moderately priced, and have ambiance (at least I think so). They also have low-key (won't interfere too much with talking) live music most weekend nights.

    Tuscany Grill
    600 Plaza Middlesex, Middletown, CT 06457

    1. Tuscany Grill is also a good call (tho' I haven't been for dinner in a LONG time). My tried and true fave that fits your criteria is Fiore II on Main St.

      We went for a nice leisurely lunch recently and it's as great as I ever remember it.

      Forbidden City (across the street from Fiore) is another option in the same price range (give or take a few pricier outliers). Gorgeous spot, very good service, very good food (their lamb was especially tasty and I love their hot and sour soup and spring rolls). I've been for lunch recently a couple of times and have been for dinner a while back.

      With either or these two options--or Tuscany--you'll get what you're after for sure. Have a great night and let us know where you end up!

      Forbidden City
      335 Main Street, Middletown, CT 06457

      Tuscany Grill
      600 Plaza Middlesex, Middletown, CT 06457

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        Fiore was my first thought also. Great food, great value. It's our "go to" place in Middletown. The only problem is that you may wait a while for a table on a Saturday night because they only accept reservations for parties of six or more ( I guess you could invent one "no-show"... I wouldn't tell).

        1. re: jkuhlen

          Oh, HA HA, I didn't know that. Well, I wouldn't tell, either! These things happen. Just say your friend kattyeyes canceled at the last minute... ;)

      2. Mezzo Grille on court st is a nice place for a cocktail or 2, as is Luce on main st

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        1. re: BiscuitBoy

          Yes re cocktails. Luce should be on the list for dinner, too, even if some of the entrees are above the OP's range. Plenty of options at or below $20. Luce is definitely my favorite spot in town.

        2. Three good places are:
          Tuscany Grille
          First and Last Tavern

          All easy to get to off of Rte 9. All on or near Main Street. All are Italian restaurants.

          1. Thanks for the suggestions. I will present all options to the group and let you know where we end up!