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Mar 11, 2011 12:19 PM

Favorite Cheese Shops?

I frequent Formaggio's in the Boston area, but would love to discover some great cheese shops in New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont...any suggestions? Thanks.

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      1. re: HDinCentralME

        I'll second this one. I wrote about them last year. One our our food and wine mentors, Howie Rubin from Bauer Wine told us about it.

        This shop is run by a Formaggio alum and in addition to great cheese, they make fabulous sandwiches. The last time we were there Vincent was beginning to age salumi as well.

        You'll get warm, friendly service and great food. And, it is an easy on and off the highway or quick run out from Portland.


        1. re: HDinCentralME

          Be careful at The Cheese Iron. The first time I was there, the cheese was very tasty and fresh. The next time, the cheese I bought was spoiled and had to be thrown out. Pretty shop and very nice employees, though, who do their best to make helpful suggestions.

          1. re: IWantFood

            Love the Cheese Iron and have never had anything remotely close to being spoiled. They let you taste everything before you buy it as well.

        2. The Co-Ops in Hanover,NH; and Montpelier, Vt both have excellent cheese sections, with lots of local cheeses, and knowledgable staff. Brattleboro Co-op is pretty good too, but not as extensive a selection.

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          1. re: qianning

            Also LACE in Barre has local cheese. Not as broad a selection as the Montpelier Co-op, but good for local cheeses.

            1. re: qianning

              where would find more information as to the location of the co-op in Hanover? I'm in southern NH, but if the artisan cheese is worth the drive, I'm all about it

                1. re: ctroutman

                  The coop is great but if you do go keep in mind that the four locations are very different. Best cheese selection would be at Centerra in Lebanon opposite dhmc or in downtown Hanover.

                  1. re: ctroutman

                    hi, I'm the cheese shop manager of hanover coop and yes it's worth the drive!!
                    we're at 45 south park st.
                    hanover, nh 03755

                    if you'd like to call to see if we have anything specific before you make the drive our phone number is:

                2. C'est Cheese in on Route One in North Hampton, NH. Great selection. She is currently renovating her new location a little further south--just after the strip mall with the NH State Liquor Store and Philbrick's. This from Taste Mag's Best of 2011:
                  C’est Cheese has a diverse selection from every major cheese-producing region. Always ask for a sample of something new, and for culinary guidance if you need it—owner Nancy Guilmette was once a personal chef. She also carries a small, quality selection of domestic wines and gourmet imported specialty foods, such as sausages, olives, and pastas. And she loves making gift baskets and platters. 122 Lafayette Road, North Hampton, N.H., 603-964-2272,

                  1. Cheese counters at the co-op in Leb and hanover is great. Also, Butters in Concord.

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                    1. re: bpjacks

                      Butters in Concord NH, Angela's in Manchester NH, and there was a wonderful little cheese shop in Portsmouth NH down an alley--not sure if it's still there. Angela's is the most comprehensive.

                      Portsmouth NH
                      45 Gosling Rd # 15, Newington, NH

                    2. Don't forget Dutch Epicure on 101A in Amherst - they have a separate cheese county of local New England cheeses - most of which I have never seen at Butter's or Angela's.