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Jan 6, 2006 06:00 PM

Jamaican Beef Patties

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Does anyone know if I can get Jamaican beef patties in LA (preferably closer to the westside)? They are shaped like a half-moon, filled with spicy beef filling in a flaky, crispy shell. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Not just the beef- I'd like to know if there are Salt and Aki and veggie patties around too.

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    1. re: Oro3030

      On the westside? What are you smoking? You've got to come into the hood to find patties. The best place I've found is near downtown L.A.

      Nataliart Jamaican Restaurant
      3426 Washington Blvd.
      Los Angeles 90018

      It's not a place you'd even notice. I never would have known it was there had a friend not taken me there. They have beef, chicken and vegetarian patties. There are other places in L.A. too. I just don't know how good their patties are.

      1. re: M

        I inquired about this topic earlier last year and received, if I can recall, a single reply. LA is home to a fairly sizable Jamaican population but, lacks venues for proper patties.

        Until now.

        Golden Krust Bakery, a popular and now ubiquitous fast food chain heavy in New York, Florida and the eastern seaboard, has opened its first West Coast branch.

        321 E. Willow St. (at Long Beach Blvd.)
        Long Beach

        For the 562-challenged, it's conveniently located at a major Blue Line station.

        Happy eatin', mon!

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      Hershey Bomar

      The Hollywood weekend farmers market's has a Jamaican food stand, but the meat patties suck.

      In Studio City there's a Jamaican place, Ginja Lions, that sells delicious meat patties. Maybe a half dozen varieties. They are not made on the premises but are the best I've had in L.A. I can't really remember Coley's very well. The rest of the menu at Ginja Lions is worth skipping except for the juice. They have a ton of great exotic juice combinations.
      The food is much much better at Coley's, but skip the buffet.

      Ginja Lions Caribbean Cuisine
      11320 Ventura Blvd
      Studio City, CA 91604-3137
      (818) 763-8100

      Coley's Place
      300 E Florence Ave
      Inglewood, CA 90301-1202
      (310) 672-7474

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      1. re: Hershey Bomar
        Hershey Bomar

        I forgot to explain that I'm from the East Coast and have loved meat patties since I was a kid. So it's great that their's a place in my hood where I can get a fix.

        At Ginja Lions I prefer the chicken curry and jerk chicken patties. Sometimes a shrimp pattie, they taste kinda funky in a good way.

        1. re: Hershey Bomar

          ummm chicken curry patties...i miss golden krust's patties, altho there's one in long beach - too far of a trek for me tho!

          1. re: erika

            Closer than NYC. ; )

      2. Thanks everyone! We're actually going to Long Beach tomorrow so the Golden Krust suggestion is perfect!

        1. s
          Senor Popusa

          Have you checked out the Port Royal Cafe at 1412 Broadway in Santa Monica?