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Mar 11, 2011 11:29 AM

help choosing restaurant between Bronxville and Larchmont

I'm in Bronxville, meeting a long-lost friend living in Larchmont tomorrow (Saturday) for lunch or dinner, and am looking for suggestions somewhere in between. I would prefer that neither of us has to go the distance.

I have inconveniently high standards, if that makes a difference.

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  1. Try Bistro Rollin in Pelham. They have a great brunch/lunch on Sunday or dinner. VERY good french bistro food. Right on 5th Ave in Pelham so close for both of you.

    Bistro Rollin
    142 5th Ave, Pelham, NY 10803

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      Thanks so much, pelgirl! That is a great suggestion, exactly what I wanted.

      1. re: lizzlehere

        The crew of Rollin was recently featured on the LoHud restaurant blog, they all went to Paris to " learn" (lol) and they describe their restaurant adventures.