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Mar 11, 2011 11:25 AM

CSAs for lower Westchester County?

I want a CSA share. I live in Bronxville.

Roxbury Farm's White Plains pickup slots are all gone. If anyone has one of these and would like to work out a share, I would be very happy to do half, or even all, of the driving.

I would like to have a fruit share and be able to buy pastured meat as well as the standard veg deal.

Do I have any options?

Specifically wondering about or Blue Hill at Stone Barns' farm market as an alternative.

Also, there are a couple of Bronx churches with CSAs that look like they might be drivable.

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  1. They don't have fruit shares, but I HIGHLY recommend Cowberry Crossing (which has pickup locations in Pleasantville and Hastings... not sure how convenient Hastings is to you). It has a CSA with the most amazing vegetables. They also offer pastured meat-- their chicken, pork, and lamb is delicious; they also have beef (I'm loyal to a different vendor for grass-fed beef, so I haven't tried CC's yet) and rabbit sometimes. CSA members also get first dibs on their gorgeous eggs.

    1. This website might be of help to you. I love my CSA farm but we pick up in Brooklyn. Goodluck!

        1. I would avoid Stone Barnes. I did it a couple of years ago and the price was crazy. Pay to join, stand in a long line and watch the people in front of you buy out what you want. Then pay a fortune for what is left (usually greens and thistle)

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            That doesnt sound much like a CSA to me

          2. We tried myfarmshare last year, and it was our first CSA experience. We did not renew this year. The big plus is that they deliver and offered a good variety (we did both a fruit and veg share). The negatives were many. While I don't have other CSAs to compare to, I will tell you the whole enterprise appears poorly managed. I don't expect pristine stock, but there were a few weeks where the produce we got was abominable and ended up throwing a good chunk of it away. When I communicated with them about it, their response was not the most pleasant.

            While communication started out strong--updates of contents of each box on the website--that fell off completely at the end. Delivery sometimes varied by a whole day, which is fine if you are flexible but really threw us off around meal planning when it sometimes just wouldn't show the day it was expected.

            Hope that helps. I would love to hear if others had a more positive experience. Maybe we were just unlucky. I will say that the neighbor who we split our share with is in the restaurant industry and was even more outraged than we were about what showed up in the boxes sometimes.