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Mar 11, 2011 11:18 AM

HELP!!! Is it possible to find good FISH TACOS in CULVER CITY MALL (WESTFIELD)??!!

Help me, Chowhounders!

I'm craving fish tacos big-time! Is there a place in the food court of Culver City's WESTFIELD MALL, where I can get them?

Trying to go later today. Saw the huge food court and figured there must be a place in the mall that serves fish tacos.


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  1. No but how about Korean fried Chicken at Kyochon in the mall?

    1. I hate when people ignore the specifics in a query, but oh well, feel free to hate me:

      I don't know of a place in the food court of the mall (which we still call The Fox Hills Mall) but BJs Restaurant on the west end of the mall has fish tacos.

      BJs - to me - has pretty good food for a chain and they surely have some good beer choices. If you don't find a place in the food court of the mall, consider BJs.

      And if you decide to leave the mall and seek out fish tacos nearby, make that request and I could likely help you with that, too.

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      1. re: PaulF

        wienermobile: If I can't find my fish tacos, maybe I'll get a wrap @ Kyochon. I take it, you're a fan of them?

        PaulF: Unfortunately I'm stuck at that mall today. I will consider BJ's. Thanks!

        1. re: PaulF

          Just wanted to report back here that I went to BJ's. Tried their shrimp and fish tacos. The problem was that the shells they used were kind of dried out and not very tasty. Tacos were pretty bland overall. On a positive note, their service was friendly!

          Note to Culver City Mall: Please get a decent Mexican place!!!

          1. re: Liquid Sky

            Oh well ... wish I'd had a better rec, but there aren't any good fish tacos at that mall. BJs was the closest I could think of ... hope you had a cold beer, they do that pretty well.

        2. Oh, and there's a Vietnamese place in the food court too. Don't know if they're good though.

          1. May be too late to help you, but here goes. I don't know of any good fish tacos at the mall. I'm sorry to say this much-hyped food court has been largely disappointing. Kyochon, as already suggested, is pretty good. Another option closer to your fish-taco request is Qdoba, a Chipotle-like place on the lower floor (not in main food court). I don't know if I'd get fish there though, even if they had it.

            To be honest, I've rarely had good fish tacos in the USA and never at chain places, which always use frozen fish of dubious quality. I've given up and now resort to making my own.

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            1. re: BobtheBigPig

              BOB: I actually had a GREAT fish taco and shrimp taco in...of all places...Little Tokyo! It was at TENNO SUSHI. The fish and shrimp were good-quality, and it's nice to see Asian places embracing the whole seafood-taco concept.

              I'd be surprised if QDOBA had fish tacos... but, you never know, right?

            2. Qdoba is amazing if you order the right thing. Their rice and their guac and their tortillas are like crack for me. I used to drive all the way to the Manhattan Beach Qdoba to get my fix until the Culver City Mall one popped up like an answer to my prayers. I get the Chicken Burrito with the tortilla on the side (I know, weird) and a big side of guac and their thin, sublimely limey chips. The only thing is I feel comatose for hours afterwards, it's a LOT of calories and carbs.

              BJ's is good for one thing only- Pizoooooooookie

              5221 W Rosecrans Ave, Hawthorne, CA 90250