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Mar 11, 2011 11:17 AM

Chinese Barbeque on 97th Street in Edmonton - Which is best ?

There are three Chinese Barbeque storefronts on 97 Street in the block between 106 and 107 avenues. Which is the best for :
a) duck

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  1. You are so smart Felix. I didn't think about asking this here! I have been looking for a good replacement for a few years now, since my stand-by (Barbeque King City) sold out to someone else (and didn't sell their recipes along with it).

    The place I have been using since then is the one that shares it's indoor space with Nhon Hoa 2. (Super BBQ Delight) It's not bad, but it's just not the same.

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        Not many responses to this one , so lets expand the scope : Where is the best Chinese Barbeque in Edmonton ( chicken,duck, pork, etc.)?

        1. re: felix the hound

          Like Anonymoose, I thought Barbeque King City was awesome.. I tried to convince their owners to share the recipes but no such luck.

          Currently go to Super BBQ Delight. Doesn't come close, but it's good enough to satisfy the occasional craving.

          Good Buddy in Heritage has good BBQ Duck and Char Siu.

          1. re: taiphun

            My mother has known the old owners of Barbeque King City for years, and they still won't tell her the recipe. :(

            1. re: anonymoose

              I have a few questions, please :
              -Have you tried the barbeque in places like T&T, 99 Supermarket, etc?
              -What is best at Super BBQ delight?( pork, duck?)
              -Does Good Buddy have a counter for BBQ or you have to sit down to order it?

              The char siu they use at Delicious Delicious for their dim sum dumplings and buns is quite different that what I normally encounter, but I think is very tasty. Ive been meaning to order it sliced as an appetizer, but there is no such dish in the gweilo menu.

              1. re: felix the hound

                Can't answer the first question as I don't usually go there for BBQ (I like their baked buns), but at SuperBBQ I like their BBQ Pork (not the char siu, but rather siu yok(?) rith the crispy skin). Depends too which cut, I don't like the meatier dry pieces, I like them with more flavor, say around the ribs. I have them cut out the ribs before they chop them into little pieces.

                Good Buddy Heritage does have a BBQ counter. We usually go have a sit down meal with char siu and/or BBQ duck.

                I don't particularly like the BBQ duck available here in Edmonton, way too much fat under the skin.. in Hong Kong and also in China, we had BBQ duck that was much leaner and just as flavorful and juicy.

              2. re: anonymoose

                This must be the thread we were talking about at the market last Saturday, right Anonymoose? I'm bummed we don't have a solid consensus on where to get good BBQ treats now.

                1. re: raidar

                  Yup, this is the one.
                  I am kind of half hoping that the old owners of King City open another place again (they did this once before when they opened the last place), but I doubt it since I am fairly sure they retired.

                  1. re: anonymoose

                    After the mourning is over we must find and crown a new King. And it sounds like you both (raidar and anonymoose) are well qualified to lead the search.

      2. Do you know if these BBQ places open on Sundays?

        A few years back, I got a BBQ duck from a place on 96th St and 102 Ave, and it was nicely spiced, and was the juiciest, most flavourful duck I have had. It was different from other BBQ ducks I have tried in that the spices seemed to be infused throughout the meat. Now, googling for the place, I discover that it was the old China BBQ, and was notorious for being the most-fined (health violations) establishment in Alberta history! It appears that it is now open under a new name, Everyday BBQ. Has anyone tried it recently?

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        1. re: Fid

          Every place has different hours but most, if not all, would be open on Sundays.

          Where is this bbq place located?

          1. re: anonymoose

            It appears that the place is actually now called Jin Li BBQ. It is located at 9655 102 Ave NW, near the Chinatown gate (the building with the brightly-painted Pegasus mural).

            1. re: Fid

              Go forth chowhound Fid, try it and report back. Godspeed.

              1. re: felix the hound

                I did go forth and tried a few places a few weeks back when I was in Edmonton. Did an informal taste test and came up with these conclusions:

                Jin Li BBQ - My favourite one because of the mix of herbs and spices (you could actually see the bits of ginger, etc. that was in the sauce). The skin was not as red as the others, nor as crisp, but the meat and sauce was full of flavour.

                Tasty BBQ - Good, crispy skin, medium red in colour. The sauce had a lot of flavour.

                Super BBQ Delight - Pretty good, but more akin to other BBQ ducks that can be had elsewhere (ie. more like a char siu sauce than a herbal one). Very red in colour with medium crispy skin.

                For me, "Edmonton Duck" is different from other BBQ ducks in that there is a strong mix of herbs/spices (ginger, anise, etc.) that you don't normally find. So, for me, I prefer the more spiced versions.

                1. re: Fid

                  Thanks Fid, that is good reference information to have

              2. re: Fid

                I've been there before.. wasn't so great and isn't exactly the cleanest (had flies flying around the place while i was getting my food).

          2. Our goto for Chinese BBQ meat is the BBQ meat counter in Lucky 97 Supermarket. The owner is generous and its our replacement since BBQ King City owners retired/sold business. Char siu tastes good. Duck is crispy and has the right mix of spices. Many we've tried have too much star anise and 5 spice. T&T is garbage, don't waste your money. We've tried all the shops up and around 97 St. and nothing good nor shops clean. Our last resort place is Good Buddy in Heritage, we live in the South Edm and its convienient.