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Mar 11, 2011 10:55 AM

Best authentic Mexican in Baltimore?

Looking for authentic Mexican/Spanish cuisine Baltimore city or Baltimore county

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  1. I would recommend that you try Fiesta Mexicana on Philadelphia Rd in the Rosedale area. It isn't anything fancy, but the owner who is from Mexico City will make you feel at home as he prepares your meal just a few feet away from your table. My personal favorite is the spicy chicken torta with Oaxacan cheese.

    Fiesta Mexicana
    8304 Philadelphia Rd, Rosedale, MD 21237

    1. Mexican and Spanish are two very different cuisines (actually, two different collections of very regional cuisines). Two good spots for Mexican street food (tortas, tacos, etc.): Tortilleria Sinaloa in Fells Point, R&R Tacqueria at the junction of rt.1 & 175 (a bit east of Columbia).

      1. If you really meant Mexican/Hispanic (as in "Spanish speaking" vs. "from Spain") cuisines, there are a lot of good hole-in-the-wall Salvadoran places in the area. Many of the "Mexican" places are actually run by Salvadorans.

        In the Mexican vein, I second the rec for Fiesta Mexicana, and there is now a second location on Conkling street, just a block or so south of Eastern.

        Fiesta Mexicana
        8304 Philadelphia Rd, Rosedale, MD 21237

        1. Agree on Tortilleria Sinaloa, especially if you want fish tacos. Also agree on the hole-in-the-wall places on Eastern Ave. I like the flautas, crispy tacos, and the tamal de gallina at Habanero Grill. Crispy tacos seem to be somewhat hard to find-- I think they're not authentic-- and they seem to be fried in-house. El Puerto Jarocho has good seafood and is actually Mexican. I like El Salvador, too. I ordered the plato tipico 2, I think, and the piece of steak that came with it was garlicky and really good. Both El Salvador and Habanero grill had good fajitas. Chicken Rico I think is Peruvian, but the deliciousness of their chicken and plantains is hard to overstate. :-)

          I ate at the new Fiesta Mexicana (I was trying to go to Mi Viejo Pueblito). The chef/owner was really friendly and nice, and the food was pretty good, but it didn't blow me away. It's inexpensive, and I think if it were in the 'burbs, surrounded by fewer options, I'd probably go back. There are just so many cheap, excellent choices in the neighborhood. I'm sure part of it was my disappointment about Viejo being closed.

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