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Mar 11, 2011 10:44 AM

Ideas for recipes with sea urchin roe?

I've never tried urchin roe and have just ordered some from latienda so I'm looking for some ideas of what to do with it. A recipe for butter with roe used on scallops sounds pretty good. Does anyone else have any recipes?

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  1. It's just a buerre blanc with the roe incorporated, and it's delicious. You might also consider an app. of shrimp deviled eggs topped with a nice splotch of it, and then there are Japanese flavored crabcakes with a roe/mayo.

    1. Of course it's escaping me right now, but I just saw an episode of Iron Chef where Michael Symon used Uni in a pasta sauce. It may have been the mozzarella battle, but I'm not sure. I checked on the Food Network website, and there are a ton of recipes.

      My favorite way to eat Uni is raw. I just had it in lettuce cups topped with Caviar. Sooo good.

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        it was the mozz battle, and he used it in a room temperature vinaigrette. i searched, but can't find a recipe anywhere...

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          Per Eric Ripert:

          Cook spaghetti.
          Whisk 1/2 c sea urchin roe with 1 stick butter.
          Heat pan. Add 1 tablespoon pasta water.
          Push urchin/butter mixture through sieve into boiling water. Whisk.
          Add salt and piment d'espelette to taste.
          Add pasta. Toss. Serve.

          When he made the dish for Tony Bourdain, he garnished it with a big scoop of caviar. Sometimes too much is just enough...

        2. Uni with angel hair pasta is commonly served in parts of Italy--not much to do but mix the two (gently) with pepper, salt, good olive oil and some parsley...

          1. As I look at everyones suggestions I'm thinking I should try it in two different dishes. One will be on it's own, or as a topping so I can get it's true flavor and the other mixed in as a sauce probably with pasta. Can anyone describe the flavor?

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              At its best, uni will start with a bright, briny flavor that shifts into nuttiness. As that fades, a subtle sweetness will take over. Yum.

              1. re: alanbarnes

                What a lovely description of the flavors and sensations great uni will let you experience. V. Nice. : )

                1. re: mamachef

                  A spoon, and perhaps a few toasted brioche soldiers for sustenance...

              1. re: aqn

                That's the one. Haven't tried it yet, have you? I order from Latienda on a regular basis, at least once a month and have been very happy with their products, so when I saw this on sale, I figured what the heck. If you sign up for Club Tienda, which is basically just giving them your e-mail address, you'll get offers about once a month for sale products. I paid $33 for this rather than $49.95.

                1. re: Pegmeister

                  No, I have not tried that. I've only had uni at sushi places (Uchi and Uchiko here in Austin), but in many guises: on a sushi piece (by itself, with ikura (salmon roe), with shiso (Japanese herb), with quail egg yolk, on top of a piece of saba (mackerel) with vinegared shallots), in a risotto (uni risotto!), as uni powder on a corn sorbet (a dessert!), uni with marinated strawberries (an amazing combination!).

                  Anyway, I'd love to hear a report from you on these uni 'cause they look a bit, um..., suspect, in that tin.

                  1. re: aqn

                    I figured that using a canned version, it would be best to use it in a sauce or blended with butter rather than trying it by itself as you would use fresh, but I still figured I would give it a go. The razor clams I purchased from LaTienda were surprisingly good and I live in a city where there are many local clam diggers so clams are plentiful. It will be a few weeks before I can post a report as I'm headed to Aruba for vacation.

                    1. re: aqn

                      I have to admit, Agn. to having a little bit of anxiety after reading your post, but I'm happy to report that my dish worked out amazingly well. While what I purchased from LaTienda is canned rather than fresh, the color of the roe, when opened, was way more appealing than what is pictured. I chose to make a light cream sauce, with a little garlic and red pepper flakes, adding the roe just at the last minute so it was justed heated through rather than cooked. The sauce was perfect on top of lobster/shrimp ravioli with a few grilled shrimp as garnish. I could not have been more pleased. DH had absolute raves and I can tell you that's huge coming from someone who never wants to try anything different. I would make this purchase again.

                      1. re: Pegmeister

                        Man that sounds delicious Pegmeister! I've never had canned uni but at some of the asian markets here you can get a tray of it for around 10 bucks...soooo good.

                        1. re: joonjoon

                          10 bucks a tray?! Wow, that's a great price!! (Well, I suppose when compared to a per-piece sushi price, *anything* is a great price!)

                        2. re: Pegmeister

                          That's a different kind of "cream sauce"! Sounds delish!