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Mar 11, 2011 10:35 AM

Coming to Orlando - 2011

We need a new thread for openings in the Central Florida area in 2011 - this is the catch-up post and let's add in actual openings or rumblings and rumors as the year progresses (thanks to Scott Joseph for alot of this content)

City Fire, the new restaurant from many of the people who previously brought you Pebbles and Harvey’s Bistro is open in the former Urban Flats location in the Dellagio Plaza on Sand Lake's Restaurant Row. The menu has been designed by Tony Pace, the chef who created such local favorites as the Nutty Cheesy Salad, Thumbits and Chicken Vesuvio.

Terrace 390 Bistro will be opening in the former Harvey’s Bistro space in downtown Orlando soon.

Pine Twenty 2 opened downtown in the former Black Olive space, specializing in burgers

Heat Tandoor Lounge on Church St near the Amway Center also opened recently. You can expect an upscale, trendy kind of space at Heat and a menu that offers tapas size Indian fare.

Shipyard Emporium in Winter Parkis a brewpub, which also features a market and bakery.

Saffron Indian Cuisine is newly opened on Sand Lake's Restaurant Row in the old La Nuova Cucina space next to La Rouge. Expect a stylish take on Indian food (more Indian!)

Tibby's has opened as a well-reviewed Cajun place in Winter Park

Announced but not yet open is a great sounding idea from Jamie McFadden, the much celebrated chef and co-owner of Cuisiniers Catering called barJme (pronounce it bar Jamie). It will be a 10-seat interactive food counter in the kitchens of Cuisiniers facilities in Winter Park. Similar in style to Joel Robuchon’s L’Atelier in New York.

Fish 'n' Loaves soul food opened in the forner Johnson's Diner location downtown.

Ran Getsu (late of I-Drive) is reopening with a new Japanese concept in Maitland

And finally, the food truck craze has belatedly made it to O-Town with the Korean Taco Truck on East Colonial and the soon to be launched Big Wheel Provisions truck.

What have I missed? Let's keep this thing going all year, plus chime in with any thoughts on these places or rumors you may have heard.

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  1. We have a few new Food Trucks.

    The Crooked Spoon
    Korean BBQ Taco Box

    1. Just read about a new place in Oviedo (of all places) called Sushi Pop that seems like a very cool addition to the area (it was opened by the former chef at Shari in Thornton Park)

      Some sample menu items (just from the 1st page):

      sea salt • $4
      truffle salt • $5
      sautéed garlic • $5
      sautéed shichimi pepper + garlic • $5

      Zucchini Katsu
      panko fried zucchini sticks with fresh lemon zest, lemon wedge and a citrus spicy mayo • $7

      Hot Rock
      “sear it yourself” Wagyu beef sprinkled with smoked lava salt and xo dipping sauce • $15

      Shishito Poppers
      Japanese sweet and hot peppers stuffed with cream cheese , bacon, chives, panko fried with a wedge of lime • $7

      Kurobuta Tacos
      braised Berkshire pork belly with hoisin bbq sauce, scallions, micro cilantro, avocado and
      crisp greens • $7

      tempura fried alligator, hearts of palm salad with green onion, celery leaves and radishes, citrus and togarashi remoulade • $12

      Black and White Tuna
      black sesame seed seared escolar white tuna on a bed of avocado, topped with purple and green shiso, toasted garlic chips and kimchee vinaigrette • $12

      Hamachi Pop
      shichimi pepper seared hamachi on the grill, topped with guacamole, purple and green shiso, toasted garlic and kimchee vinaigrette • $13

      Hamachi Crudo
      yellowtail with fuji apples, shallots, apple juice vinaigrette, toasted garlic, fennel, smoked lava salt and blue cheese powder • $14

      Jalepeno Pepper Hamachi
      yellowtail with diced jalepenos, fresh wasabi lime sauce, black pepper and micro cilantro • $14

      It’s No Yolk
      fresh cubed salmon tossed with lime juice, olive oil, shallots, thai basil with sunny side egg of sweet coconut milk and mango puree, served with seaweed rice cracker - $13

      I mean seriously, blue cheese powder?

      I need to try this place - anyone been yet? I need to know it's worth the drive

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      1. re: YosemiteSam

        I've heard a a lot of good things about sushi pop.

        I think it's best to note that this place is creative and fun and not very traditional in most aspects.

        that being said it sounds exciting and I can't wait to try it.

        1. re: Sandwich_Sister

          Sandwich Sister, shoot me an email, it's my nickname on here (at), want to send you an invite to something :)

      2. I've heard average/bad reveiws from a couple of my foodie friends about Pine Twenty 2. Eggs on burgers came out well done with no runny yoke, and the waitresses excuse was that the egg doneness varies on how hot the pan is. Really? Don't think I'll be running to check it out.

        barJme sounds like a great idea. Love the concept and have been to similiar, but more high end in NYC (Degustation and Momofuku Ko).

        1. Appears we're getting a another new restaurant on Sand Lake Road - welcome Hot N Juicy Crawfish - good luck to 'em...