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Mar 11, 2011 10:34 AM

Capital Meats?

A man just knocked on my door and asked if I was interested in ordering from them. It looks checking into from their site. Has anyone used them/heard about them?

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  1. You know, when anyone knocks on my door trying to sell meat I find it suspicious. Perhaps your experience was better. I kid, but I looked at their site and they give little reason why one ought to order from them over going to, say, WholeFoods, or, even--considering their site's Manly-Man aesthetic--Giant.

    I only order meats from D'Artagnan, or have Dean and Deluca order for me (or Ely's Meats at the DC Farmer's Market) when I need something uncommon like quail, foie gras, or Wild Boar--as someone else was looking for on another thread.

    I guess they're worth a try, but they're neither cheap nor particularly appetizing.

    Let us know how they are if you do try them out.

    Good luck,