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Mar 11, 2011 10:27 AM

Passover prepared foods NYC (Manhattan) is not doing prepared foods (other than bakery) for Pesach in 2011.

Please give me some places where we can order prepared food for Pesach this year...also restaurants that will be open.

thank you.

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  1. Kosher Marketplace, Supersol and probably Eretz will have take-out open. Of the restaurants, I only know as of yet that Le Marais will be open. A few others, including Darna and Mendys on 33rd, will likely be open.

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      thank you very much...please keep me posted if you hear of others, and thank you again!

    2. Glatt Mart will be doing Manhattan deliveries. 718-338-4040. I like their prepared food but my husband thinks its a little "heimishe". I've never ordered it for pesach but I'm sure they have the regular stuff and its probably a more economical option than supersol.

      1. if you want to venture to the ues, park ave. butchers has a large variety of prepared foods under the kof -k.also abigails in previous years has been open for passover.

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          I just posted on another thread about this. The one on the Upper East Side is called Park East Kosher, 2nd Ave between 84th and 85th St. They deliver as well.

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            Yea, park east is great. is their website and 212-737-9800 is their number.