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Mar 11, 2011 09:59 AM

Maine Maple Syrup

I know that Maple weekend is coming up in a few weeks, but we are heading up to Boothbay Harbor this weekend. Is there anywhere selling this years maple syrup yet? Ideally, anywhere between Boston and Rockland, and not too far inland. Does the maple store in Rockland have any of this year's maple items yet?

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  1. If you're coming through Saturday morning, you'll find several producers offering syrup at the winter farmer's market in Portland: on State Street, in the Irish Heritage Center (formerly a church). Market runs 9:00 to noon, I believe. Tapping is just getting underway. Only about 5 minutes off I-295 coming through Portland: exit at Forest Avenue, bear right through Deering Oaks Park just after the exit: this becomes State.