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Mar 11, 2011 09:21 AM

Passion fruit juice/concentrate

Any ideas where I can find passion fruit (lilikoi) juice or concentrate in St Paul (preferably) or Mpls.?

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  1. The Ceres brand of juices, including passionfruit, is available at most co-ops, Lunds, Kowalskis, Byerlys, etc.

    1601 County Road C W, Saint Paul, MN 55113

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      Thank you. I am also looking for li hing mui powder.

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        I've also seen Ceres at Rainbow, and our Cub has Welch's frozen passionfruit juice concentrate routinely.

      2. I have seen li hing mui powder (Jade brand) at United Noodle, but it was on sale when I got some, and they might have been clearing out their inventory. It's delicious on fresh pineapple. What are your plans for it? United Noodle has a small Hawaiian foods section...you can even get poi in the freezer case.

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          I had the best martini in Hawaii with li hing mui powder on the rim of the glass. I was going to try to duplicate the drink. Also had liliokoi (passion fruit) juice in it which they did not have at my Cub in the Ceres brand. they only had guava, mango and papaya. I did get the Welch's but was hoping for real passionfruit juice. I also have heard li hing mui powder is wonderful on fruits esp pineapple so wanted to try that also.

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            ceres passion fruit juice contains pear juice.

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              And not just some pear juice...I believe it is 90% pear juice.

              I bought it once before without reading the label, not again.

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              The Ceres and Welch's are both juice-blends, but Goya packages a frozen pure-passionfruit pulp that might work. In NYC it's available at some "Anglo" supermarkets, but almost invariably stocked at Hispanic groceries.

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                If anyone sees the frozen Goya please share.

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                  Have you checked El Burrito Mercado?

                  El Burrito Mercado
                  175 Cesar Chavez St, St Paul, MN 55107

          2. Not to be found. I have been on the hunt for passion fruit puree this last week as part of a recipe in Rose's Heavenly Cakes. So it needs to be pure, hopefully no sugar added, not a juice blend. I have found it online to order for an astronomical fee, and have also found the fruits themselves at Cub and Kowalski's for slightly less than astronomical. Here are places I have searched that DO NOT have it:

            United Noodle

            Cub Foods Lake St




            Burrito Mercado

            Cooks of Crocus Hill

            Whole Foods
            Seward Coop
            Trader Joe's

            Oh my goodness. If you'd like to prove me wrong and find a place that does carry it, I'd be happy. But even making that many phone calls is depressing. Also- if you are a retailer and happen to read this- get some puree in! The people in MSP want it :)

            Cooks of Crocus Hill
            3925 W 50th St, Minneapolis, MN 55424

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              Wow that must be incredibly frustrating. Do they say why they don't stock it? I know you're saying it's discouraging to even call around, but I'm surprised that some place like Cooks of Crocus Hill couldn't/wouldn't order it for you (for less than an astronomical fee).

              Well, the only thing I can do is keep an eye out for it, or list more places that MIGHT stock it, which isn't that helpful.

              La Alborada on Lake Street. Dragon Star Oriental Foods.

              Also, do you know of any restaurants locally who cook with it that might be able to point you to a source?


              Cooks of Crocus Hill
              3925 W 50th St, Minneapolis, MN 55424

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                I called this guy in Hopkins and he says he carries the concentrate in his grocery. He said it has no added sugar. You might want to call and make sure it's what you want, not a juice blend.


                Good luck.Let us know how it works out for you. And post about the cake in Home Cooking please. I want to hear all about it!


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                  I follow a blog of a local person who is baking her way through the Rose's Heavenly Cakes cookbook (maybe you are one of her compatriots?) Marie goes to some trouble to find the ingredients & implements to make the recipe as written.

                  Here's her entry on the White Gold Passion Cake with a note about finding the puree. If you do locate it in Hopkins, she may be interested in hearing about that from you:

                  I'm guessing that the fruits themselves will bankrupt anyone who tries to get enough yield to make puree.

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                    TDQ- Thanks for the extra places to check. I did leave a message with Muddy Paws, as I know they have a special order Passion Fruit cheesecake- so I'm guessing they get a puree or something from somewhere. And I was considering phoning in a favor to some of the chefs I knew from my serving days.. Ah- I wish I had a little store so I could buy things wholesale without an excuse. I will follow up with Taste of Brazil store in Hopkins tomorrow- THANK YOU. And I will post about the cake in Home Cooking since you asked- this is for a groom's cake, and so I suppose if I get enough puree, I might make a second cake for myself :)

                    KTFoley- Thanks for the link to the blog. Had never heard about that one. My jaw dropped when I heard she HAD ordered from Perfect Puree online. In particular it is the mandatory overnight shipping for the frozen puree that really makes it a deal breaker. I suppose some of us hounds are that dedicated. I will keep on digging I guess.

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                      A friend of mine had a gorgeous passionfruit tart at Victory 44 a couple of days ago (and he got the last one, so I could only sit and stare hungrily). So they must have a source...

                      Victory 44
                      2203 44th Ave N, Minneapolis, MN

                  2. The original comment has been removed
                    1. FYI, just made a recipe that called for passion fruit puree this weekend. El Burrito Mercado did in fact have it. I tried calling and checking in person at a number of places around Minneapolis and this was the only place I could it.

                      El Burrito Mercado
                      175 Cesar Chavez St, St Paul, MN 55107

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                        Really?! I must go and check this out.. Thanks for the info!